Karim Rashid with a Hyundai i40

Η Hyundai στη φετινή έκθεση της Σεούλ θα παρουσιάσει ένα Hyundai i40 ως έργο τέχνης. Τον σχεδιασμό του θα τον επιμεληθεί ο παγκοσμίου φήμες καλλιτέχνης Karim Rashid. Σύμφωνα με αυτόν το i40 θα διαθέτει “ένα μοναδικό εξωτερικό με τριγωνικό σχήμα και ουράνιο τόξο που προορίζεται να μεταφέρει την ταχύτητα και την κίνηση.”

Μαζί με το ειδικό i40 θα υπάρχει και μια ειδική συλλογή “Karim Rashid’s Special Collection of PYL” η οποία θα αποτελείται από ένα ρολόι, ένα σακίδιο, μια τσάντα και ένα ποτήρι.

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Hyundai Motor Collaborates With Top Designer Karim Rashid

  • Hyundai teams up with one of world’s most renowned industrial designers Karim Rashid
  • Collaboration works to be unveiled at 2013 Seoul Motor Show

25 February, 2013 – Hyundai Motor Company, the fastest growing automotive brand since 2005, has announced plans to unveil the works of its collaboration with one of the world’s greatest designers, Karim Rashid, at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show starting on 28th March, 2013.

Karim Rashid is known for his creative and unprecedented vision, from product design to interior design, from furniture design to art. He has won the Red Dot award and over 300 other design achievements, catapulting him to international fame.

“Karim Rashid’s creative design philosophy and the unique individuality of Hyundai PYL (Premium Younique Lifestyle) brand represent a perfect match. Hyundai will showcase the i40 Art Car and a special design collection to offer visitors of the Hyundai booth at the Seoul Motor Show a variety of entertainment,” said Won Hong Cho, Hyundai Motor’s Chief Marketing Officer.

Hyundai has included the i30, i40 and Veloster under the PYL brand umbrella in the domestic market.

The concept behind the European mid-sized i40 Art Car styled by Rashid is best defined as ‘the joint between design and technology,’ and the exterior characterized by triangular and rainbow shapes intends to capture the speed and movements of the automobile. The i40 Art Car will work to effectively promote the strategic styling of the PYL segment, highlighting the highly unique qualities of the i40.

Hyundai Motor also plans to showcase ‘Karim Rashid’s Special Collection of PYL’ consisting of four pieces – a wristwatch, a backpack, a carrier bag and a tumbler – which will display Rashid’s signature simple, unique design while maintaining the traditional function of these everyday items.