Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake by VATH

Ο βελτιωτικός οίκος, VATH, που ειδικεύεται στα αυτοκίνητα της Mercedes-Benz, ετοίμασε ένα εξωφρενικό πακέτο για την CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake, το οποίο αυξάνει την ιπποδύναμη του αυτοκινήτου από τα 557 άλογα και 800 Nm ροπής του twin turbo 5.5-λίτρων V8 κινητήρα (με το εξτρά AMG Performance Package) στο τρελό νούμερο των 846 ίππων και 1.180 Nm (!!) ροπή, με τη τελική ταχύτητα πλέον να φτάνει τα 350 χλμ/ώρα. Τα νούμερα αυτά γίνονται εφικτό μετά από την τοποθέτηση άλλου turbo, νέου συστήματος ψύξης, αναβάθμισης του εγκεφάλου και καινούριο downpipe, με το κόστος αυτών να είναι €46.172

Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG Shooting Brake by VATH

Προσφέρει ακόμα ελατήρια χαμηλώματος που κατεβάζουν κατά 20 χλστ τον εμπρός άξονα και 40 χλστ τον πίσω, τοποθετεί εξαπίστονες δαγκάνες εμπρός με φρένα διαμέτρου 405 χλστ, ενώ φοράει 20άρες ζάντες με ελαστικά 265/30 ZR εμπρός και 305/25 ZR πίσω. Στιλιστικά τοποθετεί διαχύτη και εμπρός σπόιλερ από carbon, ενώ το ίδιο υλικό έχει χρησιμοποιηθεί και σε αρκετά σημεία του εσωτερικού.

[Πηγή: VATH]

[learn_more caption=”Δελτίο Τύπου”] There is no doubt about the fact that the five-door variant of CLS-class, also called shooting brake (or X 218) is a polarizing combination of a Coupé and a station wagon. However, the positioning of the model in the automoblile upper class, just below the S-class, has its unrestricted justification, even with the series values “only”.
Once again, the company VÄTH Automobiltechnik in Hösbach triumphs a highlight, this time with the Mercedes-Benz CLS 63 AMG, which is already equipped with amazing factory- made benchmark figures. After „optimization” it may, not without pride, carry the additional V 63.

The engine of the Swabian has been equipped with a tuning kit called V63RS – export with version 525 or 557 hp (386 or 410 kW). In this connection an individual fine tuning, including Vmax increase is carried out. This kit also includes a modified turbocharger, the VÄTH air charge cooling system, a downpipe-system reducing exhaust gas counter pressure, thus enhancing performance, as well as VÄTH- rear silencer system. This package of targeted measures on the one hand amounts to 46.172 Euro, but on the other hand increases the pulse rate of the interested person just by reading the performance data: the 5,461 cm³ displacement raises 846 hp (or also 622 kW) and 1.180 Nm torque! With that, a Vmax of 350km/h should be possible, depending on the tire decontrol approval.

After the obvious optional lowering by 20 to 40 mm by respective springs with thread adjustment on the front axle and electronic adjustment of the rear axle at a price of 1.166.20 Euro (there is an extra 297.50 Euro for assembly including wheel alignment and 238.00 Euro MOT-fees) it is now the time, with this performance volume, to start thinking about a high-performance brake system. VÄTH offers the latter for 6.009.50 Euro (including assembly [416.50 Euro] and MOT [238.00 Euro]) with 405-mm brake disks, potted on the front axle, for 6-piston calipers, a set of pads and racing brake fluid Castrol SRF including flexible steel brake hoses. By the way, for such a braking system at least 20-inch wheels with corresponding H-dimension on the front axle are necessary.

The above mentioned performances, are also directly related to the temperature of the fuel, engine- and gearbox oil. Since cooled fuel has a higher density, its efficiency is significantly increased resulting in greatly improved combustion, guaranteed excellent exhaust values, reduced fuel consumption, lower combustion chamber temperature and higher performance. A fuel cooler costs 1.773.10 Euro plus 416.50 Euro for assembly and air conditioning service.
The costs for engine oil – and transmission oil cooler amount to 1.166.20 Euro (plus 238.00 Euro assembly) or 1.011.50 Euro (plus 238.00 Euro assembly). It is an absolute must for heavily stressed engines and for all customers who want to maintain their VÄTH-or Mercedes-engine especially.

It is high time to consider the unconditional optimal connection between car and road: the wheel-tyre combination. Here we have installed a three-piece VÄTH – forged wheels with stars in titanium colour. Namely on the front axle in 9,5×20 inches with 265/30ZR20 (1.542.24 Euro) and on the rear axle in 11.5 x20 inches with 305/25ZR20 (1.832.60 Euro) respectively.
To improve aerodynamics for reduced beoyancy, not least but also for a sportier and more refined look, a front spoiler is installed made from high quality visual carbon, for which VÄTH charges 1.416.10 Euro. To this add 238.00 Euro per installation and MOT. For an additional charge, there is rear diffuser at the other end of the shooting brake, which is also made from visual carbon with fins and larger underbody (2.011.10 Euro plus 178.50 Euro for assembly).

The interior with AC surrounds, ashtray cover in the front, central cover, controller panel, left and right door panels, ventilation system on the left, as well as central decorative cover is refined with classic black carbon in exchange for the original parts. For this 3.927.00 Euro is charged extra plus 238.00 Euro for assembly. The highest processing precision and perfect fit are supreme requirements for the hand made-in-Germany product. Coloured or multicoloured carbon attracts an additional charge. The sports steering wheel in leather/leather design costs 1.297,10 Euro but is also available with carbon or fine wood applications on request. Finally, it is necessary to mention also the speedometer extension to 360 km/h (for 1.535,10 Euro plus 119.00 Euro for assembly).
Thus equipped, any „catwalks“ automobiles are open to the pilots.[/learn_more]