Bentley Azure 1

Η Bentley παρουσίασε επιτέλους το Azure, αλλά δυστυχώς, δεν αναφέρομαι στο Mulsanne Vision, μία πρωτότυπη ανοικτή Mulsanne που είχαμε δει στα μέσα του 2012. Εκείνο το concept απλά “κόπηκε”.

Αντιθέτως, το Azure είναι το νέο αντρικό άρωμα της Bentley που η ίδια περιγράφει ως “ισχυρά εκφραστικό και πολύπλοκο”… Εγκυκλοπαιδικά, να αναφέρω πως το άρωμα κοστίζει 59€.

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Δελτίο Τύπου


  • Fresh and modern scent for the style-conscious and sporty
  • Builds on success of first Bentley for Men fragrance
  • Blue bottle reflects the dynamic curves of Bentley models

(Crewe, 5 February 2014) Bentley is following up the success of its first men’s fragrance with the launch today of Bentley for Men Azure. The new luxury composition takes its cue from the classic aromas of the fougère family, with its green citrus top notes and woody base notes.

This powerfully expressive and complex fragrance has a fresh twist that appeals to sporty and style-conscious men.

The luxurious scent was composed by one of the world’s top perfume creators, Mathilde Bijaoui, who has worked for 10 years at the prestigious French fragrance house Mane.

With Bentley for Men Azure, Bijaoui has created an entirely new and contemporary scent from the classic aromas of the fougère perfume family that is a stimulating and exciting fragrance experience for today’s discerning man.

Subtle woody, fresh and spicy notes

Bentley for Men Azure makes an immediate impact with a contemporary burst of freshness: the top note is an invigorating, stimulating cocktail of fresh citrus, delicious fruity pineapple and the exhilarating herbaceous aroma of violet leaves. It immediately transports you into a Mediterranean field of blue.

The heart note of the composition blends Mediterranean aromas such as pimento, lavender and sage with a hint of tea, in a subtle and modern manner. The long finish of the fragrance conveys the luxury feel of Bentley models, with sumptuous sensual essences such as cashmere wood, tonka bean and the exclusive fragrance molecule orcanox.

Exclusive Bentley design in Azure blue

The character of Bentley for Men Azure is heightened by the curve of the bottle with the graduated bright blue colour giving the feel of freedom and freshness. The bottle takes the same form as the original Bentley For Men, with the iconic curves of Bentley models transferred to the rounded silhouette of the bottle.

The metal cap features a diamond-cut band reflecting the luxurious quality of the bottle. Bentley’s striking “Flying B” logo is embossed on the bottle’s shoulder and also adorns the front of the box. The image was devised by Paris design agency Aesthete under the direction of Thierry de Baschmakoff.

Bentley for Men Azure will be available from March exclusively in Harrods UK and from April worldwide in selected perfumeries and department stores.

The product range

Eau de toilette £43; EUR 59 / 60 ml Eau de toilette £59.50; EUR 79 / 100 ml Hair & body shampoo £24; EUR 27 / 200 ml

The family of ingredients for Bentley for Men Azure: woody, fresh and spicy

Top notes: Lemon Pineapple Bergamot Tangerine Violet leaves

Heart notes: Pimento Tea accord Lavender Clary Sage

Base notes: Cashmere wood Tonka bean Orcanox