Η Ferrari 250 GTO είναι κατά πάσα πιθανότητα το πιο ποθητό αυτοκίνητο στον κόσμο και αυτό αντικατοπτρίζεται πλήρως από τις τιμές που πιάνει στις δημοπρασίες. Μόλις 39 κατασκευάστηκαν και όταν εμφανίζεται κάποια, σπάνια πωλείται κάτω από 30 εκατομμύρια δολάρια. Τι γίνεται όμως αν ήδη είσαι κάτοχος μίας ή δεν έχεις το απαραίτητο κεφάλαιο να την αποκτήσεις αλλά έχεις 36.000€ να διαθέσεις για ένα διακοσμητικό; Αυτό το εξαιρετικά περιορισμένο και περίεργο δημογραφικό προσπαθεί να καλύψει η Lapicida με την μαρμάρινη Ferrari 250 GTO που κατασκεύασε και πουλάει.

Ενδιαφέρον έχει όμως το γεγονός ότι το “έργο” δεν το έχει ακουμπήσει ανθρώπινο χέρι. Η εν λόγω 1:3.6 ρέπλικα είναι εξ ολοκλήρου κατασκευασμένη από CNC. Η Lapicida σκάναρε μία 1962/1963 GTO, πέρασε τα δεδομένα σε ένα 3D modeling λογισμικό και μέσω 5-axis CNC, έδωσε σχήμα στο μάρμαρο. Το μοντέλο είναι 119,8 εκατοστά μακρύ, 45.9 εκατοστά πλατύ και 34 εκατοστά ψηλό και όπως προείπα, κοστίζει 36.000€. Αν ήταν έργο κάποιου ανθρώπου να τα δικαιολογήσω… έτσι, γιατί;

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Δελτίο Τύπου

WOULD ENZO APPROVE OF OUR ARABESCATO MARBLE FERRARI GTO? Ferraris evoke strong emotions in even the most rational of people, but whilst Lapicida’s latest marble creation has really got people’s blood racing, would Enzo Ferrari approve?

Produced entirely in-house by Lapicida’s design and build teams, it is a perfect 1:3.6 replica of arguably the most drop-dead gorgeous sports car the world has ever seen – the 1962/63 Ferrari GTO. So how exactly was it made and every minute detail immortalised in Arabescato marble?

At their UK headquarters, Lapicida undertake exclusive commissions to create bespoke objects carved from natural stone for private and commercial clients from all over the world. For this particular piece, the team used state-of-the-art laser technology to scan every millimetre of an actual full-size GTO and then utilised advanced 3DMAX software to fine-tune an exact 3D model of the car using this data.

Next, important decisions needed to be made. Customers have a choice from a wide variety of natural stones including a multitude of different marbles, limestones or even semi-precious stones such as rock crystal from which their object can be carved.

Size is everything and often a juxtaposition between the original item’s size and its stone facsimile can create serious impact. Lapicida’s Breton NC1600 computer numeric controlled shaping mill is a goliath. One of only three in the world, it is capable of sculpting the 3D object at virtually any size from a single bloc of stone up to 25 tonnes in weight. This collosal 5-axis shaping mill used its diamond-tipped drill heads spinning at 7,000 rpm to carve the GTO with total precision from the finest Arabescato marble.

Finally, Lapicida’s expert team of highly experienced stone craftsmen painstakingly hand-finished every square centimetre. The result is breathtakingly beautiful.

Its specifications are impressive. It measures a statuesque 1.2 metres long, is 46 cm wide and sits 34 cm above the tarmac. Carved from a single block of Italian Arabescato marble, its distinctive veining gives the illusion of speed and accentuates the GTO’s every sumptuous curve and exquisite detail.

The Ferrari GTO is an undisputed design classic. Its muscular swooping lines, powerful haunches and inimitable 60’s Italian styling make it the most exclusive and desirable sports car on earth – in fact, the most expensive too with a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO recently selling for an astonishing $52million. Just 39 GTOs were ever made, however, only one Arabescato Marble Ferrari GTO created by Lapicida exists in the world and you can own it outright for £30,000.

This is just one particularly fine example of a myriad of stunning bespoke objects created by Lapicida. If you are interested in owning this unique piece of motoring history or have a commission in mind and wish to discuss the possibilities, please contact Lapicida here. So would Enzo give the nod of approval to this Arabescato Marble GTO? We like to think so.