H Hyundai Ινδίας παρουσίασε επίσημα το Creta, τη νέα προσθήκη στα SUV της εταιρίας. Θα κατασκευάζεται στο τοπικό εργοστάσιο στη πόλη Chenai, και θα είναι διαθέσιμο από τις 21 Ιουλίου.

Το νέο παγκόσμιο μοντέλο υιοθετεί την “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0” σχεδιαστική φιλοσοφία της Hyundai και να μοιάζει αρκετά στο κινέζικο ix25. Διαθέτει χρωμιωμένη εξάγωνη μάσκα, φωτιστικά σώματα που εκτείνονται στα φτερά, ενώ διαθέτουν και LED φώτα ημέρας. Οι Κορεάτες υπόσχονται πως το μοντέλο θα βοηθήσει την εταιρεία να προσελκύσει νέους καταναλωτές σε νέες και καθιερωμένες διεθνείς αγορές.


Βασίζεται στην πλατφόρμα HIVE, η οποία προσφέρει μια στιβαρή αλλά ελαφριά δομή σώματος, με δυνατά δυναμικά χαρακτηριστικά και αυξημένη ασφάλεια. Μηχανικά, εφοδιάζεται με δύο πετρελαιοκινητήρες (1.4 CRDi και 1.6 CRDi) και έναν βενζινοκινητήρα. Ο τελευταίος αποδίδει 123 άλογα και συνδυάζεται με ένα 6-τάχυτο χειροκίνητο κιβώτιο, ενώ ο 1.6-λίτρων CRDI VGT πετρελαιοκινητήρας αποδίδει 128 άλογα και συνδυάζεται με 6-τάχυτο κιβώτιο, χειροκίνητο ή αυτόματο.

Δελτίο Τύπου

Hyundai Showcases the Global SUV- CRETA No. 1512015-06-278 hit

• Strong structural strength with adoption of Hive body structure • Stable & confident ride & handling for ultimate driving experience • Powerful engine options with first in segment Diesel Automatic Transmission

Chennai, 27 June 2015- Hyundai Motor India Ltd, the country’s leading premium car manufacturer and the largest passenger car exporter today, unveiled India’s most awaited stylish, powerful and dynamic SUV – ‘CRETA’.

The CRETA marks Hyundai’s entry in growing SUV segment with strong product offering boosting Hyundai’s product line up to a robust 10 product portfolio. Hyundai is set to redefine the SUV segment with its globally acclaimed & much appreciated “Fluidic Sculpture 2.0” design, superior driving dynamics, high end safety features along with robust body structure, multiple powertrain options & engineering excellence that has gone into making of CRETA.

Speaking at the showcase of CRETA, Mr. BS Seo, Managing Director & CEO, HMIL said, “The CRETA is the most awaited and aspirational SUV of the year and would be a revolutionary product in the Hyundai portfolio. The global SUV CRETA will herald a new chapter in Hyundai Motor India’s success story and will set a new benchmark in the SUV segment of India with unmatched capabilities. With Hyundai’s strong vision for India, we will strengthen our commitment to the Indian market with the launch of CRETA.”

The ‘CRETA’ Perfect


The body shell of CRETA has been designed and developed with advanced engineering techniques and usage of high quality material like ultra-high tensile steel so as to ensure best in class body rigidity, structural strength and crash performance.

The ‘ Hive Structure’ of CRETA offers a robust yet lightweight body structure with strong dynamics and enhanced safety. The body shell of CRETA scores high on overall strength and rigidity and is set to be a new benchmark for this segment.

The CRETA features a revolutionary ultra-high tensile steel body structure that enables the SUV to significantly enhance both performance and efficiency. The robust SUV benefits protection in all directions from the “Ring-Shaped Frames”. Each pillar, including the centre pillar, body side frames and bottom are positioned in a ring-like layout, all connected to form a protective shell. The ring-structure frame design realizes a significant increase in body stiffness, which contributes to more precise handling while maintaining excellent ride quality. This enhances safety and protection by adding strength, rigidity and durability.

The CRETA has outstanding NVH characteristics by the use of enhanced sound absorption materials and improved engineering design of engine, transmission and body structural parts. Multiple measures have been taken to contain NVH to barely perceptible trace levels like higher thickness of dash panel, anti-vibration pads on floor panel, optimization of central floor tunnel area rigidity etc.

“Hive Structure” benefits & Highlights: • High Body rigidity with ring structure design for enhanced structural safety, improved durability , ride & handling and improved crash performance • Enhanced body endurance & crash performance comprising high proportion of Advanced High Strength steel (AHSS) & Ultra High Strength Steel (UHSS) • Reinforced roof structure with multiple cross members for enhanced strength and more loading capacity • Improved crash performance both frontal & side with addition of dash cross member, use of larger diameter weld joints & use of reinforced side members having tailor welded beams (TWB) on door panels • Front end bolted type modular structure to reduce the maintenance cost • Low NVH with detail optimization of dash panel, center floor tunnel, anti-vibration pads and dash insulators.

Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Design

CRETA design follows a premium look, based on Hyundai Motor’s evolved design philosophy. Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 Design philosophy carries forward the highly acclaimed Fluidic design theme in a more refined manner thus lending a Modern & Premium touch.

It stands for futuristic and unique design expression, yet it remains uncompromised on comfort and strength. An SUV with a unique and innovative form, CRETA represents a complete package of style and performance.

Hyundai’s signature ‘Fluidic Sculpture 2.0’ design philosophy:

Each Hyundai vehicle has its own design theme that projects specific product design under the umbrella of Fluidic Sculpture

· Fluidic Sculpture 2.0 captures 3 main design elements : Ø Fluid aesthetics, the modern Hyundai look, and a premium ambiance

· Refined Fluidic design focuses on : Ø A modern Hyundai look with a singular hexagonal grille Ø Easy-to-understand and pleasant design and Ø Sharper focus on materials and finishing of the car

· The “Fluidic” element is meant to evoke the organic flow of design found in nature

· The second element, “Sculpture” points out at the fact that Hyundai vehicles are much more than just sheet metal Ø They are artfully designed, exquisitely crafted pieces of sculpture

· Hyundai is continuously working towards strengthening its design fundamentals to ensure long- term competitiveness.

Engine and Transmission

CRETA is equipped with the most powerful yet efficient powertrain and is available with a choice of petrol 1.6 Dual VTVT and U2 1.4 CRDi & U2 1.6 CRDi VGT diesel engines. The engines have been tuned for best performance and high fuel efficiency.

The 6 speed Manual and Automatic transmission (in 1.6 CRDi VGT) offer the customers blend of high performance & enhanced driving pleasure. • The powerful 1.6 Gamma Dual VTVT petrol engine offers 123 PS power with high fuel efficiency • 1.6 CRDi VGT (MT/AT) Diesel engine offers the best in class power of 128 PS • The Automatic Transmission with 1.6 CRDi VGT is a first- in segment diesel AT offering and would redefine SUV driving experience for the Indian customer

Features – • Projector headlamps w/LED Positioning lamp • 17″ Diamond Cut Alloys • 7″ AVN with 6 speakers • Smart key w/ Push button Start • 6 Airbags (includes Sides & Curtains)

  • 17″Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels*
  • Projector Headlamps
  • LED Positioning lamps
  • Static bending
  • Leather seats
  • Shark fin antenna*
  • Audio Video Navigation system
  • 5″ touchscreen audio system
  • Supervision Cluster
  • Smart key w/ Push button start


  • FATC w/ Cluster ionizer
  • Electric folding ORVM*
  • Rear AC vents
  • Steering mounted controls
  • 1 GB internal memory*


  • Dual Airbags
  • Side & Curtain Airbags*
  • ABS
  • Reverse Parking Camera*
  • ESC
  • VSM
  • HAC

*Best in-class features