Η Opel ετοίμασε τις Unlimited εκδόσεις του Adam και του Adam Rocks. Σχεδιασμένες για να προσφέρουν ένα “εντελώς νέο επίπεδο εξατομίκευσης”, οι αγοραστές έχουν την δυνατότητα απεριόριστων παραλλαγών στο αυτοκίνητό τους, έχοντας την επιλογή να επιλέξουν το εξωτερικό χρώμα, τις εσωτερικές επενδύσεις καθώς και το χρώμα των τροχών.

Επίσης θα μπορούν να επιλέξουν αν το θέλουν, η οροφή και οι χειρολαβές του Adam τους να έχουν διαφορετικό χρώμα, όπως επίσης αν επιθυμούν η γρίλια και οι πλαϊνοί καθρέπτες να έχουν carbon καπάκια. Επίσης υπάρχουν διαθέσιμα νέα μαρσπιέ, ενώ στον πρόσθετο εξοπλισμό συναντάμε τα συστήματα Opel OnStar, το σύστημα πλοήγησης της TomTom, αλλά και το σύστημα infotainment IntelliLink με συμβατότητα Apple CarPlay και Android Auto.

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Pure Individuality – Opel ADAM and ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED

Unique: New ADAM family members freely configurable right up to the smallest detail

Rüsselsheim. From now on, everything is possible thanks to ADAM UNLIMITED and ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED. The latest additions to the stylish Opel ADAM family have overcome the final configuration hurdles. The bold lifestyle car already shone with almost endless individualization possibilities – but now ADAM UNLIMITED will take that to a completely new level. Customers can configure their own personal ADAM right up to the smallest detail. Wheels, colors, decors, interior fittings – it is all in the customers’ hand. The ADAM UNLIMITED is available for prices starting at €14,300 (RRP including VAT in Germany, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions combined: 6.7-4.2 l/100 km, 125-99 g/km).

“Ever since its launch almost three years ago our Opel ADAM has been a prime example for how much personality and individuality a small car can have. We are now taking this concept to the extreme with the ADAM UNLIMITED and the ADAM ROCKS UNLIMITED. Our customers can now let their creative imagination run wild. Every ADAM fan can now have his own personal and distinctive car. That is truly unique,” said Jürgen Keller, Executive Director Sales, Marketing and Aftersales Germany.

How about a new color on the outside such as Orange Alert, Brownian Rhapsody or Greyzilla? Or a new color for the roof such as Dancing Green in combination with the extreme carbon package for the door mirrors and the grille and the “Swiss Blade” alloy wheels? The chrome package for the kick plates and the outer door handles along with seat covers in Morrocana are always on board. Automatic climate control comes as standard and increases well-being. The latest IntelliLink infotainment generation including smartphone integration via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto is available as an option. The system enables quick and traffic-related navigation via Apple Maps and Google Maps. The Opel dealers have a further navigation option available in the TomTom GO 40 including FlexDock® mounting.

Finally yet importantly, the ADAM UNLIMITED can also be ordered with Opel OnStar. The personal connectivity and service assistant turns the ADAM into a mobile 4G/LTE Wi-Fi Hotspot for up to seven devices. Furthermore, it offers an all-round carefree package including Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance and Stolen Vehicle Assistance along with Vehicle Diagnostics via the myOpel smartphone app.