H BMW παρουσίασε σήμερα την Z4 GT3 για το 2011. Σημαντικότερη διαφορά είναι ότι το αγωνιστικό φορά τον νέο 4.4-λίτρων V8 κινητήρα του οποίου όμως οι επιδόσεις δεν ανακοινώθηκαν. Σίγουρα πάντως θα είναι δυνατότερος από τον 4.0-λίτρο V8 που φορούσε το περσινό μοντέλο που απέδιδε 480 άλογα. Η κίνηση μεταφέρεται στον πίσω άξονα μέσω ενός σειριακού κιβωτίου 6-ταχυτήτων και απευθύνεται σε ιδιωτικές αγωνιστικές ομάδες.

Αεροδυναμικά το νέο μοντέλο έχει δεχτεί κάποιος αλλαγές ώστε να εξασφαλίσει “την ανταγωνιστικότητα του σε σχέση με τα υπόλοιπα μοντέλα, στην κατηγορία GT3“. Διαθέτει επίσης νέο εξελιγμένο σύστημα διαχείρισης του κινητήρα, ατσάλινο κελί ασφαλείας και πολλά CFRP κομμάτια όπως η οροφή, το καπό, η πίσω αεροτομή και τα φτερά. Είναι ήδη διαθέσιμο για παραγγελία με τιμή από €315.000.

[Πηγή: BMW Motorsport]

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Modified BMW Z4 GT3 completes successful test programme

Munich, 8th April 2011. The modified BMW Z4 GT3 has survived its baptism of fire: the GT customer sports car proved itself in a series of intensive tests in recent weeks. The goal of the latest modifications was primarily to improve aerodynamic efficiency in order to ensure the car’s competitiveness in the many, hard-fought GT3 classes.

The BMW Z4 GT3, which was launched in March 2010, achieved its greatest success to date in January 2011. Claudia Hürtgen (DE), BMW works driver Augusto Farfus (BR), Tommy Milner (US) and Edward Sandström (SE) won the Dubai 24 Hours for Team Schubert. This was the first outright victory for the BMW Z4 GT3 at a marathon race of this scale, having already proven its potential with wins in its debut season in the FIA GT3 European Championship.

With its elongated bonnet, the driver’s compartment towards the rear of the car, long wheel base and narrow wheel arches, the series version of the BMW Z4 boasts an unmistakable appearance. The two-seater provided BMW Motorsport engineers with a good basis for developing a competitive GT3 racing car.

A difference between the production and racing car can be found under the bonnet: while the production version of the BMW Z4 is driven by a six-cylinder engine, the GT3 car is powered by a 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine.
BMW Motorsport engineers have also fine-tuned the aerodynamics of the BMW Z4 GT3 for the new season, improving the car’s performance in this area. When it comes to electronics, the private teams can look forward to innovative BMW solutions: The modern ECU408 takes over the engine management, while the Power400 electronic control unit is responsible for controlling all the actuators. The power is transmitted through a six-speed, sequential gearbox. Gearshifts are now initiated using two paddles.

The steel body of the car comes from BMW Plant Regensburg. A safety cell made of extremely rigid, precision steel tubing is then welded into the body. The engine block of the V8 engine is produced in the BMW foundry in Landshut. BMW Plant Dingolfing contributes the rear axle differential, among other things. Front and rear wings, bonnet, roof, fenders and many other components are made of carbon fibre reinforced plastics (CFRP).

The car is available now at a price of 315,000 Euros (plus VAT) from BMW Motorsport Distribution, email address Z4GT3@bmw-motorsport.com.