O Davide Rigon και ο Felipe Massa θα είναι αυτοί που τελικά θα οδηγήσουν για την Ferrari στις δοκιμές νέων οδηγών αυτή την εβδομάδα στο Silverstone.

Ο 26 χρόνος Rigon είναι μέλος της ακαδημίας νέων οδηγών από το 2011 και είχε πάρει επίσης μέρος και στις περσινές δόκιμες νέων που είχαν γίνει στο Magny-Cours .

Ο Ιταλός θα είναι και στις τρεις μέρες πίσω από το τιμόνι της F138 ενώ την Κυριακή το πρωί θα αξιολογήσει τα νέα ελαστικά της Pirelli και ο Massa.

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Rigon and Massa on track at Silverstone

Maranello, 16 July – Getting behind the wheel of the F138 at the Silverstone test will be Davide Rigon and Felipe Massa: the Italian driver, who has been on the books at the Scuderia since 2011, will take to the track on all three days, vacating the cockpit for Massa only on Friday morning, when the Brazilian will be able to assess the new Pirelli compounds. The team has taken this decision so that Davide will be able to work on the technical development of the car, while also giving useful cockpit time to Felipe, who is keen to get back on track after his rather short German GP.

Race drivers have been given a dispensation by the FIA to drive at this test, as a result of the tyre problems that occurred at Silverstone during the Grand Prix back on 30th June. The work programme has been established solely by Pirelli and approved by the FIA, with a fixed number of sets available.