LaFerrari miniature by Amalgam (1)

Μετά την μινιατούρα της BBR, η Amalgam ετοίμασε μια πολύ καλύτερη μινιατούρα της LaFerrari. Η πρόταση της Amalgam είναι κλίμακας 1:8 και θα βγει σε περιορισμένη παραγωγή 499 μονάδων, όσες ακριβώς LaFerrari θα βγούνε στη παραγωγή.

Η κάθε μινιατούρα χρειάζεται 3.000 ώρες ώστε να κατασκευαστεί στο χέρι και δυστυχώς η τιμή της είναι πολύ τσουχτερή. Πόσο; 3.875 λίρες Αγγλίας (4.530 ευρώ).

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Amalgam launches LaFerrari at 1:8 scale

Amalgam has launched a 1:8 scale model of the new Ferrari which was officially unveiled at the 2013 Geneva Auto Show.

The LaFerrari is the first hybrid electric vehicle from Ferrari, providing the highest horsepower of any previous road car from the marque (950bhp) while decreasing fuel consumption by 40 percent.

This amazing car has a top speed exceeding 220 mph (350 kph), with a 0 to 62 mph (0-to-100-kph) time of less than three seconds. The LaFerrari achieves the speed of 190 mph (300 kph) within 15 seconds.

Ferrari claims a CO2 emission of 330g/km for this car. There will be 499 copies made.

Before heading to Hungary for the tenth round of the 2013 season, Fernando Alonso drove the real thing at Fiorano, the Spaniard, and his team-mate, involved from the very start of the project. Indeed, following his run in the car he was able to contribute further insight to the team of engineers and test drivers involved in bringing to life and developing this extraordinary car.

Amalgam has produced an exact replica at 1:8 scale, in a limited edition, like the real car, of just 499 pieces.

The stunningly beautiful LaFerrari perfectly combines aesthetic form with aerodynamic functionality. In order to faithfully and precisely render the innovative design of LaFerrari, Amalgam worked closely with the Ferrari design team, ensuring that the 1:8 scale model not only captures the spirit and intention of the designers, but every nuanced detail of the car.

Creating an Amalgam model is a time-consuming process involving many skills and thousands of hours of detailed work. For each model a master set of components is created, using a combination of digital machining, traditional engineering and hand crafting skills. Creating this set of master components takes around 3,000 hours of work by a small dedicated team of model makers.

Using these master components, a silicon rubber mould is created for each part of the model. Only around 20 prototyping resin parts are cast from these moulds before they are worn out and a new mould must be made. This technology, usually used to create prototype components in the automotive design industry, creates castings with superb levels of detail and accuracy.

Many of the smaller parts of the model are machined from aluminium or cast from pewter. They use authentic automotive paint systems to finish the models, each being hand sprayed, just like the original, and then cut and hand polished to a superb finish. Many Amalgam models contain over a thousand individual components.

This model features intricate detailing to the exterior, interior, engine compartment and chassis. The doors and engine cover can be opened to further reveal these details.

LaFerrari is a very special car indeed and Amalgam has used all its skills and passion to create a small limited edition of models that live up to the perfection of the real car and artfully deliver its essence.

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