BMW X5 M by Fostla

Η Γερμανική Fostla μας παρουσιάζει μια βελτιωμένη BMW X5 M (E70). Εξωτερικά την έντυσε με ματ κόκκινο αυτοκόλλητο βινυλίου, σκούρυνε τα φωτιστικά σώματα, τοποθέτησε φιμέ ζελατίνες στα παράθυρα, έβαψε μαύρους τους πλαϊνούς καθρέπτες και κάθε χρωμιομένο διακοσμητικό, ενώ τοποθέτησε και νέες ζάντες 21″ με ελαστικά χαμηλού προφίλ. Ο V8 4,4-λίτρων κινητήρας μπορεί να να δυναμώσει και να αποδίδει 650 άλογα με 900 Nm ροπής, με τα 0-100 να τα κάνει σε περίπου 4 δευτερόλεπτα. Πως την βρίσκεις;

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The pros of full or partial car wrapping in comparison to full or partial car painting went about even to the most far car freak, because the offered by car wrapping possibilities are nearly inexhaustible. Else than in case of in a relatively short time disappearing again fashion trends, as e.g. chameleon effect paintings, wrappings hold the market since many years and the choice of variants grows continuously. Without any doubts, the company at Seelze near Hannover counts among the the illustrious circle of full professionals not only in fields of car wrapping.

The recent creativity prove, the company from Lower Saxony has given by this E70 BMW X5 M, which has got a full wrapping in anodized mat-red. Thanks to, this „ magic hood“ gives the X5 with its much sought-after “M” first of all the role of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Furthermore, the car glass is tinted and all kind of chrome parts present themselves in shiny black giving interesting contrast.

In order to make the BMW become project car, there was performed an additional stage 2 power improvement, made on loco by co-operation partner PP-Performance. Thus, the serial 555 HP transform into the power of 650 chipper-perky wild horses chomping at the bit, max. torque climbing from 680 up to giant 900 Newton meters, for what the installed by down pipes and the complete Akrapovic exhaust system (the latter only warrants for additional 25 HP) are blamed in a certain way. At the end, the bolide rolls upon BMW-own 21” High Performance wheels with low section tires in matching dimensions. The complete tuning action is Euro 8,000 worth.