Opel Corsa seized by Northumbrian Police

Αν θεωρείς πως το tuning είναι νόμιμο, τότε διάβασε τι έκαναν αστυνομικοί στην Αγγλία. Το βράδυ της Κυριακής, αστυνομικοί έλαβαν μια κλήση που τους ενημέρωσε πως περίπου 250 αυτοκίνητα έχουν συγκεντρωθεί σε ένα μέρος, με μερικούς από αυτούς να οδηγούν με “αντικοινωνικό” τρόπο. Η αστυνομία πήγε στο σημείο, όπου μίλησε με αρκετούς οδηγούς, δίνοντας πρόστιμο σε τρεις από αυτούς για διαφορετικούς λόγους, ενώ κατάσχεσαν και ένα Opel Corsa, επειδή παρότι ήταν καταχωρημένο και ασφαλισμένο ως 1.400 κ.εκ, κάτω από το καπό του βρισκόταν ένας turbo κινητήρας 2.000 κ.εκ.

Το βελτιωμένο Corsa διέθετε επίσης νέα σπορ εξάτμιση, νέο σύστημα εισαγωγής αέρα, χαμηλότερες αναρτήσεις και νέες ζάντες. με την αστυνομία να λέει πως πως οδηγός του με τις βελτιώσεις αυτές, θα κληθεί να απαντήσει στις ερωτήσεις των δικαστών εν ευθέτω χρόνω.

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Op Dragoon officers take action at modified car meet in Gateshead.

On Sunday evening, March 8, police received a report that a number of drivers (around 250) had gathered in one of the car park areas at the Team Valley and were driving in an anti-social manner.

Officers from the Op Dragoon team attended the meet and spoke to a number of drivers that were in the area.

Although the majority of those attending weren’t causing any problems three drivers were given section 59 warnings for careless driving.

Three people were also referred for driver awareness courses and one car was seized for having undisclosed performance modifications on his car.

One driver was reported for insurance fraud, another was reported for driving at excess speed and a man was arrested and charged with driving over the limit.

Chief Inspector John Heckels said: “On Sunday evening we received a report of a car meeting taking place at the Team Valley and so officers from the Op Dragoon team attended.

“Officers observed some of the group driving dangerously and so action was taken against those who were committing offences.

“We are trying to work with modified car enthusiasts in our area and we have no problem with groups of friends gathering in their cars. People have a right to do this and as long as it doesn’t lead to disorder, anti social behaviour or reckless driving then we will try to support and facilitate this where we can.

“We are committed to making the roads safer for everyone. Ring us on 101 quoting Operation Dragoon and pass on the information to the team about who the dangerous drivers are.”

The vehicle seized by police is a Vauxhall Corsa. It is registered and insured as a standard 1.4 litre vehicle, however, after being examined by police it was found to have been fitted with a turbo charged 2.0 litre engine. It also had undisclosed modifications on it including a straight through wide bore sports exhaust system, a sports air induction system, modified and lowered suspension and after market alloy wheels. The driver has been reported for road traffic and fraud offences and will be summonsed to court in due course.