Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept (1)

H Hyundai έδωσε μερικές ακόμη teaser φωτογραφίες του N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept του “απόλυτου concept” θα επεκτείνει την γκάμα της N υπο-brand και θα επιδεικνύει την τεχνολογική της εξέλιξη. Πρόκειται για το δικό της Vision πρωτότυπο για το Gran Turismo 6 που διαθέτει LED φωτιστικά σώματα με κεντρικό πτερύγιο και εμφάνιση που μιμείται αυτή ενός μαχητικού αεροσκάφους.

Η εταιρία δεν ανακοίνωσε τα τεχνικά του χαρακτηριστικά, κάτι που αναμένεται να συμβεί την ερχόμενη εβδομάδα, όταν και το μοντέλο θα παρουσιαστεί στην έκθεση της Φρανκφούρτης.

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  • Pre-show broadcast begins at 11:15 CET, Tuesday 15 September 2015
  • New online European newsroom enriches flow of information
  • Hyundai Motor showcases new models and visionary concept cars

High Wycombe, 9 September 2015 – Hyundai Motor will live-stream its press conference at the 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show, which will introduce a host of new Hyundai models, design concepts and technologies.

New i20 Active and New Santa Fe will premiere, enhancing Hyundai’s European range of Crossover and SUV models. The company will also showcase its new high-performance N sub-brand, brought to life through the thrilling N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept car and the New Generation i20 WRC car being previewed ahead of the 2016 World Rally Championship season. The Vision G coupe concept introduces dynamic design and advanced technology as inspiration for future premium products.

The Hyundai Motor press conference will take place in Hall 6 at 11:30 CET on Tuesday 15 September 2015, and the livestream will be available via Ahead of the press conference, viewers can look behind the scenes and watch interviews with senior Hyundai Motor management, previewing the latest news from the brand. The coverage will start at 11:15 CET.

David Fitzpatrick, PR Director at Hyundai Motor Europe, commented: “Visitors to the 2015 IAA will see a wide-ranging showcase of new models, concept cars and innovative technology from Hyundai Motor. Through our livestream broadcast and our new Newsroom channel, we will be able to share the experience with media, fans and enthusiasts around the world.”

How to follow the Hyundai Motor Europe Live Stream from Frankfurt Motor Show 2015

  • To view the Hyundai press conference live, visit:
  • The Hyundai live player can be embedded in other websites:
  • Video material offered for download is for editorial purposes only and free of charge. This includes the press conference and interviews.
  • After the event, the entire press conference will be available to view on the

New PR Newsroom launched at

A new European PR Newsroom has been launched, at, to share the latest information and assets from Hyundai Motor with media, online influencers and enthusiasts. Frankfurt Motor Show news releases, press kits, photos and videos will be available on this new channel. As always, for all UK-specific news, information and contacts, please visit:

New Motor Show booth at Frankfurt Motor Show

Hyundai Motor will introduce its new motor show booth at 2015 Frankfurt International Motor Show. The new booth, which will feature at all worldwide motor shows, embodies a simplified modern design incorporating bold diagonal and straight lines to present a consistent Hyundai brand experience to visitors.

The entire booth encapsulates Hyundai Motor’s brand direction ‘Modern Premium’ and its recently revealed showroom identity.

At a glance, diagonal and straight lines characterize the LED screen as well as lounge features and floors. In addition, the booth space including furniture and lights offers visitors a comfortable experience consistent with Hyundai showrooms.

Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo’s silhouette revealed

Highlighting sustainable technology and race car designed, Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo will also be introduced during the Motor Show. This ultimate concept car offers a peek into the Hyundai brand’s unique perspective on future performance cars.

The Hyundai N 2025 Vision Gran Turismo concept draws inspiration from aeronautics, employing a dynamic stance and with hints of a jet fighter design that blurs the line between air and asphalt.