Toyota S-FR Racing Concept (1)

Η Toyota έχει ετοιμάσει την αγωνιστική έκδοση του S-FR concept και θα το παρουσιάσουν στο περιθώριο του Tokyo Auto Salon. Το Toyota S-FR Racing concept έχει αποκτήσει επιθετικό bodykit με νέους προφυλακτήρες, carbon γρίλια, carbon spoiler, αεριζόμενο καπό, φουσκωμένα φτερά, carbon πλαϊνές ποδιές, διαχύτη και μεγάλη πίσω αεροτομή.

Το μήκος του φτάνει τα 4.100 mm (3.990 mm το απλό S-FR concept), με το πλάτος να αυξάνεται από τα 1.695 mm στα 1.735 mm. Το ύψος έχει μειωθεί από τα 1.320 mm στα 1.270 mm, με το μεταξόνιο του να φτάνει ττα 2.480 mm. Η Toyota δεν αποκάλυψε τεχνικές λεπτομέρειες για τον κινητήρα που βρίσκεται κάτω από το καπό του, με το πρωτότυπο να έχει αναπτυχθεί σε συνεργασία με την Gazoo Racing.

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Toyota S-FR Becomes a Lean, Mean Racing Machine for Tokyo Auto Salon 2016
Dec. 03, 2015

Toyota City, Japan, December 3, 2015―With its sporty yet simple design, the Toyota S-FR turned heads when it made its global premiere at the Tokyo Motor Show in October. Now, Toyota GAZOO Racing plans to reimagine the concept as a track-ready race car at Tokyo Auto Salon 2016, a customized-car exhibition running from January 15 through 17.

Alongside the new Toyota S-FR concept, Toyota will be exhibiting two new souped-up minivans: the Voxy G’s Concept and Noah G’s Concept.

Toyota S-FR Racing Concept

With wide flared fenders, eye-catching hood vents, and use of carbon fiber reinforced plastic canards and front/rear spoilers, this concept represents Toyota’s vision of the S-FR as a performance vehicle born for the racing circuit. While the model displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show had simple, familiar styling, the Toyota S-FR Racing Concept aims for a more aggressive look.

The Voxy G’s Concept and Noah G’s Concept continue to highlight Toyota’s proposal to give minivans a sportier feel, recently demonstrated in the Japan-only Sienta launched in July 2015. Both concepts offer a refined ride and emphasize driving enjoyment and comfort, while stepping well outside the minivan segment’s comfort zone. Their sporty, individualistic exteriors and interiors aim to heighten the driving experience.

In addition to the S-FR Racing Concept and the G’s minivans, Toyota will also be displaying vehicles that have participated in the 24 Hours Nürburgring endurance race since 2007, as well as vehicles that took part in the FIA World Endurance Championship and the All-Japan Rally Championship in 2015.

Toyota sees Tokyo Auto Salon as an excellent opportunity to promote car culture, and to engage with car fans in order to turn their feedback into ever-better products. The event will be held at Makuhari Messe, Chiba, with an industry and press day on January 15, followed by public days on January 16 and 17.

Key Specifications

Vehicle name Toyota S-FR
Racing Concept
Voxy G’s Concept Noah G’s Concept
Length 4,100 mm 4,795 mm
Width 1,735 mm 1,735 mm
Height 1,270 mm 1,810 mm
Wheelbase 2,480 mm 2,850 mm