Η Mitsubishi ανακοίνωσε ένα νέο online παιχνίδι που οι νικητές του θα ταξιδέψουν στην Φιλανδία για ένα 3-ήμερο οδήγησης με ένα Evo X . Το παιχνίδι μπορείτε να το βρείτε στην σελίδα και προσφέρει 10 διαφορετικά επίπεδα, που στο κάθε επίπεδο ο οδηγός μαθαίνει περισσότερα “μυστικά” για την οδήγηση του Evo Χ στον πάγο. Οι νικητές που θα ταξιδέψουν στην Φιλανδία θα έχουν δάσκαλο τον Uwe Nittel, παγκόσμιο πρωταθλητή του WRC το 1998, ενώ θα ταξιδέψουν με snowmobile στο χωριό του Αγίου Βασίλη και στον Αρκτικό Κύκλο.

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New Online Car Game – Can you Manage Arctic Conditions and Still Keep Cool?

Win a Three-Day Crash Course in Finland, Ice-Racing in the New Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution

Now is the time to get prepped for the ultimate winter experience: racing the ice planes of Finland in an extraordinary racing car: the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 10 ( Get out of the cold, grab a hot coco and practice your driving skills at the online game and try to qualify for a three-day ice-racing event at polar conditions.

Play control10 to qualify for the Mitsubishi Ice racing event

Mitsubishi Motors will give the winners of the online game tickets to go three days

Ice – racing in the new Lancer Evolution in Finland. The Ice racing event is organized in corporation with the vice-world rally champion Uwe Nittel. You can win the tickets in an online contest where potential contestants have to proof their worthiness in nine different levels. The 10th level will be the ice – racing itself in Finland, thus the game name Control10. The game can be played at Each level represents a skill the driver should master in order to handle this very sophisticated racing car.

Mitsubishi Ice racing event in Finland

Contestants who proved to master the Lancer Evolution and kept cool while playing the Mitsubishi Control10 game ( qualify for a special arctic treat. Three days of test driving the Mitsubishi racing car at polar conditions in Finland. This three days racing event organized by Mitsubishi Motors not only includes the actually Ice racing but also includes a snowmobile trip to visit the Santa Claus village at the Arctic Circle. On top of this, the winner will be personally coached on his driving skills by Uwe Nittel, the 1998 vice-world rally champion.

Are you up to the challenge and ready to confront the extreme? Master your driving skills at and join the competition!