Αυτό ομολογώ ότι μου ξέφυγε και δεν το παρουσίασα στην ώρα του. Ο λόγος για το αγωνιστικό Ibiza SC Trophy, ένα πρωτότυπο που παρουσίασε η Seat στο 30στο Worthersee Tour στα τέλη Μαΐου. Βασίζεται πάνω σε Ibiza Cupra και θα ομολογογκαριστεί για να μια νέα σειρά αγώνων. Φορά τον 1400αρη TSI απόδοσης 180 ίππων και συνδυάζεται με το 7-τάχυτο αυτόματο κιβώτιο DSG.

Οι μόνες αλλαγές μηχανικά εντοπίζονται στο τροποποιημένο κάρτερ για να αντέχει τις υψηλές πλευρικές επιταχύνσεις ενώ το μεταξόνιο έχει μεγαλώσει κατά 13 mm. Οι αναρτήσεις έχουνε χαμηλώσει κατά 40mm ενώ το πίσω μετατρόχιο έχει μεγαλώσει κατά 29 mm και το μπροστά κατά 170 mm. Πατά πάνω σε 17″ ζάντες και ζυγίζει μόλις 1.063 κιλά.

Επίσης η Seat παρουσίασε εκεί το Leon Supercopa το οποίο θα συμμετέχει στην ομόνυμη σειρά αγώνων στο DTM αλλα και ειδικές εκδόσεις των Leon Cupra και Ibiza Cupra. Φωτογραφίες και δελτίο τύπου στη συνέχεια.

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SEAT fever at Wörthersee

  • SEAT with a major presence at the legendary Treffen
  • Hot Cupra and motorsport models take centre stage
  • You & Your SEAT – hottest cars tuned by fans
  • 120,000 visitors from all over Europe expected at 30th meet

SEAT is putting on an extensive program at the legendary GTI Treffen in the Austrian state of Kärnten. From 1-4 June, fans of the Spanish brand will be presenting their most spectacular pieces of tuning on the roads and town squares around the Wörthersee. The centre of activity is in Reifnitz on the lake’s southern bank. This is where SEAT will be displaying six particularly fiery versions of the Ibiza and Leon on its own open-air stand – including two cup cars built for motorsport. This is also where the hottest SEAT tuning cars will once again be selected. At this year’s GTI Treffen – already in its 30th year –organizers are expecting around 120,000 visitors spread over its four show days.

Centre stage on the SEAT stand, which has been increased to 450 m2, is dedicated to the sportiest models in the Ibiza and Leon ranges in the shape of the FR and Cupra/Cupra R variants. The most powerful Ibiza generates 132 kW (180 hp), while the sportiest Leon packs no less than 195 kW (265 hp). Each of the two Ibiza and Leon models, painted respectively in Candy white and Emotion red, represent not only the dynamic side of the SEAT brand, but also showcase the extensive range of accessories from the SEAT equipment line-up.

One white Ibiza SC Cupra comes equipped with an aerodynamic kit and a matching white interior kit. The Leon FR in Candy White, on the other hand, is shown with discreet piano black interior trim. Its sporty credentials are clearly stated by a sports exhaust system with two separate tailpipes, 18-inch wheels and a sports suspension with shorter springs. The expressive body kit places it firmly on the road in a cat-like crouch.

The exposed cars fit within the SEAT’s brand values: They combine a unique, athletic-elegant design with outstanding dynamic and performance. SEAT develops cars for enthusiastic drivers and produces them in best precision and quality. As SEAT believes everybody should be able to enjoy great technology and exciting fun to drive.

New Ibiza SC single-brand competition for Spain and Italy

Two further showpieces now hold a licence to compete on the track – the Leon Supercopa and the brand new Ibiza SC Trophy

Under the bonnet of the Ibiza SC Trophy is the 180 hp unit from the Cupra; the 7-speed DSG transmission has steering wheel shift paddles like the series-production model. To tackle the high lateral forces generated under tough racing conditions, the engine is equipped with a modified oil sump; the brake system comes from the Leon Cupra and delivers stopping power courtesy of 345 mm (front) and 288 mm (rear) discs.

Compared with the series-production model, SEAT has increased the wheelbase of the cup race car by 13 mm, while the front track is up by 170 mm and the rear by 29 mm.

Weighing in at just 1,063 kg, the cup car has also been lowered by 40 millimetres; toe-in and camber can be individually adjusted. The Ibiza SC Trophy stands on 17-inch wheels, housed in distinctive, flared arches. At the rear, an additional spoiler generates the necessary downforce while cornering. The dashboard is more minimalist than in the series-production version, providing only the data that is truly relevant to track drivers.

Leon Supercopa – guaranteeing best single-brand action

The cockpit of the 250 km/h Leon Supercopa is the drivers’ workstation for the single-brand series that has been running in Germany since 2004. The touring car has visual similarities to its siblings from the WTCC and derives its explosive power from a version of the 2.0 litre TSI engine from the Leon Cupra R with an increased output of 301 hp. A maximum of 340 Nm of torque is sent through a six-speed DSG transmission and a mechanical locking differential to the front wheels. The steel disc brakes with six pistons per unit have diameters of 360 mm (front) and 256 mm (rear). All races in the 2011 German SEAT Leon Supercopa will once again be run as part of the DTM program. In parallel with the GTI Treffen, from 3-5 June, the SEAT Leon Supercopa will take to the track on the brand new Red Bull Ring in Spielberg, Austria.

Pimp my SEAT – the search is on for the hottest fan-mobiles

One of the many events organized by SEAT at Wörthersee includes a VIP party on-board the SEAT boat, which also serves as a shuttle across the lake. Hot music and cool drinks draw the crowds not only to the boat, but also to the dance performances on the SEAT stand and the show stage of the GTI Treffen itself. Under the headline “You & Your SEAT”, this year, too, will see the hottest “tuned” models appearing on the SEAT catwalk – where they will be judged and awarded by a discerning jury.

The SEAT Movie Team will also be making short films with the owners of the most outlandish tuning specimens for upload to the Facebook page of SEAT Austria. At the same time, airbrush artist Knud Tiroch – whose creations include the design of the Toro Rosso Formula 1 race cars – will transform a white Ibiza into the “Lake 30 Special Edition”. Visitors are free to watch the artist at work with his airbrush.

SEAT is the only company in its sector with the full-range capacity to design, develop, manufacture and market cars in Spain. A member of the Volkswagen Group, the multinational has its headquarters in Martorell (Barcelona), exporting approximately 75% of its production to 72 countries. SEAT is the market leader in Spain, and in 2010 reached a turnover amounting to 4.7 billion euros, with total sales of 339,500 vehicles.

SEAT Group employs 13,000 professionals at its three production centres in Barcelona – Zona Franca, El Prat de Llobregat and Martorell, where it manufactures the highly successful Ibiza and Leon, amongst other models. The Volkswagen Group production facility at Palmela in Portugal supplies the SEAT Alhambra.

The Spanish multinational also has a Technical Center, a ‘knowledge hub’ bringing together more than 900 engineers whose goal is to be the driving force behind innovation for the number one industrial investor in R&D+i in Spain. In line with its declared commitment to environmental protection, SEAT undertakes and bases its core activity on sustainability, namely reduction of CO2 emissions, energy efficiency, as well as recycling and re-using of resources.