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Η Regula Tuning, μια γερμανική βελτιωτική εταιρία μας παρουσιάζει το νέο bodykit που ετοίμασε για το Audi R8 facelift. Διαθέσιμο τόσο στην coupe όσο και στην spyder έκδοση του R8, κοστίζει 7.950 ευρώ, είναι κατασκευασμένο από carbon και αποτελείται από νέους προφυλακτήρες, διαχύτη, πλαϊνά skirts και αεροτομή.

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Οι αλλαγές ολοκληρώνονται με τις νέες απολήξεις εξατμίσεων και τις ζάντες 20″ της Oxigin-Oxrock με ελαστικά διαστάσεων 265/30 μπροστά και 305/25 πίσω.

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Since its appearing about seven years ago, the Audi R8 has been an eye catcher – always and everywhere. The mid-engine sports car made by quattro GmbH at Neckarsulm, Germany, was able to convince even professional pessimists, “playing” today even so undeterred as also merited in the automobile fourth division, in one range with other big brands.

The REGULA Tuning company at Schwerte, Germany, well known for their professionally made, very sturdy and without exceptions perfectly fitting tuning parts, has now equipped a face lifted Audi R8 V10 Spyder by a body kit completely made out of the high class material carbon – consisting of front and rear apron and side skirts. The price for this masterpiece of handicraft precision amounts up to 7,950.00 Euro. Besides aerodynamics optimization, the R8 is now also somewhat faster, more sportive. And on the rear part of this bolide, besides the superb exhaust end pipes in stovepipe-diameter, the firmly integrated rear spoiler merits especially to be mentioned. By the way, this R8-special made by REGULA Tuning body kit is available for all coupé- and Spyder models, as well as for all exhaust variations (V8, V10, V10 GT and V10 Facelift).

In terms of engine technics, the REGULA-R8 has nothing new to propose, which means nothing else, as that the drivers must be content with the serial 525 HP (= 386 kW), but, nevertheless, this should not be very difficult, particularly because the not always very simple part as seam between car and road has been carried over to a set of Oxigin-Oxrock rims, namely in 8,5 x 20” with tires 265/30-20 on the front axle and in 11 x 20” with 305/25-20 on the rear axle.