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Έναν μήνα έμεινε στη πρώτη θέση των πωλήσεων η Audi, στον κλάδο των πολυτελών αυτοκινητοβιομηχανιών, με την BMW να ανακοινώσει σήμερα πως τον για πρώτη φορά μέσα σε έναν μήνα, πούλησε περισσότερα από 200.000 αυτοκίνητα.

To BMW Group τον Μάρτιο πούλησε 212.908 αυτοκίνητα, αύξηση 11,3% σε σχέση με την αντίστοιχη χρονική περίοδο του 2013, ενώ από την αρχή του έτους έχει πουλήσει 487.024 αυτοκίνητα (+8,7%).

Η BMW είδε τις πωλήσεις της τον Μάρτιο να ανέρχονται σε 186.126 αυτοκίνητα (+16,9%), ενώ τους τρεις πρώτους μήνες του έτους 428.259 BMW έχουν παραδοθεί στους ιδιοκτήτες τους (+12,3%). Η Σειρά 3 κρατά τη μερίδα του λέοντος ως best-seller μοντέλο της, με 116.671 πωλήσεις (+6,7%), με την Σειρά 5 να ακολουθεί με 91.600 (+6,8%). Η X1 πούλησε 43.262 μονάδες (+14,8%), η X3 40.115 μονάδες (+10,8%) και η X5 31.025 αυτοκίνητα (+13,8%).

Η MINI από τη μεριά από την αρχή του έτους έχει πουλήσει 57.868 αυτοκίνητα (-12,5%), ενώ τον Μάρτιο οι πωλήσεις της ανήλθαν σε 26.382 (-16,9%). Σε ότι αφορά την Rolls-Royce, τους τρεις πρώτους μήνες του 2014 πούλησε 897 πολυτελής λιμουζίνες (+39,7%), ενώ μόνο τον Μάρτιο, είδε να πουλά 400 αυτοκίνητα (+28,6%).

Σε ότι αφορά τις Ηπείρους. Στην Ευρώπη η BMW το πρώτο τρίμηνο πούλησε 214.031 αυτοκίνητα (+3,3%), στην Ασία 158.120 αυτοκίνητα (+21,8%) και στην Αμερική 99.606 αυτοκίνητα (+3,4%).

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BMW Group sales top 200,000 for first time in single month

212,908 vehicles delivered in March, an increase of 11.3%

Year-to-date sales climb 8.7% to 487,024 vehicles

Q1 sales growth in all three major sales regions

Munich. The BMW Group sold 212,908 BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce vehicles in March – the company’s best-ever monthly results. It’s a significant 11.3% increase on the previous all-time monthly high in March last year (191,269 units). A new high for the first quarter of the year was also achieved with a total of 487,024 vehicles delivered in the first three months of 2014 (prev. yr. 448,200 / +8.7%).

Ian Robertson, Member of the Board of Management, Sales and Marketing BMW, said: “This is the first time in the company’s history that over 200,000 vehicles were delivered to customers in a single month – March has rounded off a strong first quarter in 2014. Despite continuing economic uncertainties, we are experiencing steady improvement in almost all regions. Sales of our BMW X-vehicles have been particularly strong; I’m sure the brand new BMW X4, which celebrated start-of-production in Plant Spartanburg at the end of March, will contribute to boosting growth still further when it comes onto the market from July.”

Worldwide sales of BMW brand vehicles rose 16.9% to 186,126 in March, making it the brand’s most successful month ever (prev. yr. 159,195). Sales for the first three months of the year reached 428,259, an increase of 12.3% (prev. yr. 381,406). Sales of BMW X-vehicles were particularly strong growth drivers in the first quarter. The BMW X1 saw double-digit growth, with 43,262 vehicles delivered to customers in the year to end of March (prev. yr. 37,680 / +14.8%). BMW X3 volume increased by 10.8% in the first three months of the year (40,115 / prev. yr. 36,189) and deliveries of the new BMW X5 rose 13.8% to 31,025 units (prev. yr. 27,274). The BMW 3 Series was also a steady growth driver in the year-to-date with a total of 116,671 units sold (prev. yr. 109,308 / +6.7%). Sales of the BMW 5 Series also developed well in the first three months of the year, with 91,600 vehicles delivered to customers (prev. yr. 85,731 / +6.8%).

Due to the current model-change – the new MINI arrived in dealerships at the end of March – sales of MINI brand vehicles have decreased in line with expectations during the first quarter of 2014. Deliveries for the first three months of the year were down 12.5% (57,868 /prev. yr. 66,156) with sales in March down 16.9% to 26,382 units (prev. yr. 31,765). The order-book for the new MINI is strong and this is expected to be reflected in the retail figures from summer onwards.

Rolls-Royce retains its position as the world’s leading manufacturer of super-luxury motor cars. Following a fourth successive record year in 2013, sales in the first quarter are up significantly year-on-year. In total, 897 Rolls-Royce motor cars were delivered to customers across the globe (prev. yr. 642 / +39.7%). This was driven by sustained demand for Phantom and Ghost models and a full order-book for Wraith, the company’s latest model. The company has planned for further sustainable growth and it is optimistic for another strong year in 2014.

BMW Motorrad achieved its best first quarter and best single month ever. Sales increased by 16.1% in the first three months of the year, with a total of 28,719 motorcycles and maxi-scooters delivered worldwide (prev. yr. 24.732). In March, 15,183 vehicles were sold (prev. yr. 13,067/ + 16.2%).

The BMW Group made gains in many markets in the first quarter with the main three sales regions all recording an increase in sales.

Sales of BMW and MINI vehicles in Asia rose 21.8% to 158,120 (prev. yr. 129,866). Mainland China saw deliveries jump 25.4% in the first three months of the year (107,951 / prev. yr. 86,070). A similar increase was achieved in Japan, with 18,888 units delivered (prev. yr. 14,990 / +26.0%) and strong growth was also recorded in South Korea, where sales increased 19.0% (10,587 / prev. yr. 8,900) in the first quarter.

The Americas saw an increase in BMW and MINI deliveries of 3.4% in the first quarter (99,606 / prev. yr. 96,318). Sales in the USA grew 2.6% with a total of 81,034 vehicles delivered to customers (prev. yr. 78,957). Customer deliveries in Brazil, where the BMW Group will be opening a new plant later this year, jumped 50.8% in the first three months of the year with 4,184 vehicles sold (prev. yr. 2,774).

Despite continuing headwinds in some markets, Europe also recorded a slight growth in sales with deliveries for the first quarter up 3.3% (214,031 / prev. yr. 207,130). The BMW Group’s home market, Germany, grew 0.5% in the first quarter with 64,183 vehicle registrations (prev. yr. 63,886). Sales in Scandinavia continued to grow strongly with 10,810 vehicles delivered to customers in March (prev. yr. 8,840 / +22.3%).

BMW Group sales in/up to March 2014 at a glance

  In March 2014 Compared to previous year Up to/incl. March 2014 Compared to previous year
BMW Group Automobiles 212,908 +11.3% 487,024 +8.7%
BMW 186,126 +16.9% 428,259 +12.3%
MINI 26,382 -16.9% 57,868 -12.5%
Rolls-Royce Motor Cars 400 28.6% 897 +39.7%
BMW Motorrad 15,183 +16.2% 28,719 +16.1%