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Η Mercedes-Benz συνεχίζει να παρουσιάζει αύξηση στις πωλήσεις της, με τον Απρίλη να πουλά 133.077 αυτοκίνητα (+14,2% σε σχέση με τον Απρίλη του 2013), ενώ μέσα στους πρώτους τέσσερις μήνες του έτους έχει δει να πουλά 507.353 αυτοκίνητα (+14,9%).

Από τις 133.077 πωλήσεις του Απρίλη, τα 62.868 (+10,3%) πουλήθηκαν στην Ευρώπη, με τις 24.430 (+2,5%) στην Γερμανία. Στην Αμερική οι πωλήσεις αυξήθηκαν κατά 9,2% (29.367), ενώ στην Κίνα οι πωλήσεις παρουσίασαν αύξηση 38,2% (22.438 πωλήσεις). Τα 36.625 αυτοκίνητα του Απριλίου ήταν A-, B-, CLA- και GLA-Class (+20,3%), ενώ τα 23.107 E-Class (+33%). 8.213 S-Class βρήκαν νέο ιδιοκτήτη τον Απρίλιο, όπως και 28.656 (+9,1%) SUV μοντέλα της.

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Mercedes-Benz continues record-breaking performance – more than half a million vehicles sold in four months

Mercedes-Benz handed over 133,077 vehicles to customers in April (+14.2%) or a total of 507,353 units since the beginning of the year (+14.9%).
Ola Källenius: “We are posting a double-digit percentage growth in sales for the tenth consecutive month, among others also due to the great success of the new C-Class.”

Sales increase in all regions of the world, especially in Europe, USA and China.

High demand for the S-Class sedan and “Dream car” models.

Stuttgart – Mercedes-Benz started into the second quarter of 2014 with strong growth: In April, the company delivered 133,077 vehicles to customers around the world, posting growth of 14.2%. With sales of more than half a million vehicles, the brand recorded a sales increase of 14.9% since the beginning of the year.

“We are posting a double-digit percentage growth in sales for the tenth consecutive month, among others also due to the great success of the new C-Class”, said Ola Källenius, Member of the Divisional Board Mercedes-Benz Cars responsible for Marketing & Sales. “Our strong growth in April shows: We continue to be on the right course and are winning new customers for our brand worldwide.”

Sales of the brand developed very successfully in Europe. Overall, 62,868 vehicles were delivered to customers (+10.3%). The total since the beginning of the year was at 224,257 units (+8.2%). In the German domestic market, the brand increased its sales in April to 24,430 units (+2.5%). The German market is one of the three largest sales markets of the premium brand.

In its biggest sales market, the USA, the company posted a new sales record: In April, Mercedes-Benz handed 25,887 vehicles over to customers, an increase of 9.5% and was therefore premium manufacturer number one. Particularly great demand was seen for the S-Class sedan, whose top models, the S 600 and 
S 65 AMG, are also available starting this month. In Canada, the brand posted growth of 14.4% with sales of 2,887 vehicles in April.

The greatest growth driver was once more the Asian market: In China including Hong Kong, Mercedes-Benz delivered 22,438 vehicles in April, 38.2% more than in the same month of the previous year. In mid-April the company celebrated the world premiere of the new C-Class long version at the “Auto China” motor show in Beijing. The new extended C-Class version, which is 80 millimeters longer, will be produced at Beijing Benz Automotive Co., Ltd. (BBAC) in Beijing exclusively for the Chinese market and will come on the market there in the third quarter. The introduction of the model marks another milestone in the implementation of Daimler’s China strategy. China is the second-largest market for the C-Class sedan after the USA.

Sales also developed very well in the other Asian markets: In Taiwan and South Korea, the company posted further sales records and double-digit growth rates. Despite the difficult market environment in Japan caused by a sales tax increase, Mercedes-Benz maintained its standing as the most registered premium manufacturer.

Among the model series, the compact car models of Mercedes-Benz continue to develop very well. In April, the brand sold 36,625 vehicles of the A-, B-, CLA- and GLA-Class (+20.3%). The compact SUV GLA has been on European roads since March and won the “Design Trophy Award” of the German magazine “Auto Zeitung” in the SUV category in April.
The demand for the models of the E-Class family was particularly strong in April. Worldwide, 23,107 customers opted for a sedan or an estate (+33.0%). Strong growth was also posted by the E-Class coupe with a sales increase of 50.9% in April. The brand subsumes its coupes, convertibles and roadsters under the umbrella term “Mercedes-Benz Dream cars”. Since the beginning of the year, more than 50,000 of these dream cars with the star have been delivered to customers. As the summer approaches, the Mercedes-Benz convertibles are in special demand — since the beginning of the year, round about 20,000 customers have opted for open-air driving.

The flagship of the brand, the S-Class, was delivered to customers 8,213 times in April, or twice as often as in the same month of the previous year. The Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been the best-selling luxury sedan in the world for long.

The SUVs with the star continue to be successful: In April, Mercedes-Benz sold 28,656 vehicles of the SUV segment, more than ever before (+9.1%). At the motor show in Beijing in April the company presented the Concept Coupe SUV – a four-door, all-wheel-drive coupe with the advantages of an SUV. The extremely sporty study offers a glimpse into next year’s series vehicle.

The compact city car smart fortwo was handed over to customers 8,392 times in April (PY 8,740 units). The two-seater is attracting increasing numbers of customers, especially in the USA (+57.1%) and in China (+20.9%). The next generation of the smart will celebrate its world premiere in Berlin, Germany in July with a two- and four-seater.

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