Audi S6 Avant by ABT Sportsline (1)

H ABT Sportsline βελτιώνει το ανανεωμένο Audi S6 Avant. Μηχανικά ο twin-turbo 4,0-λίτρων V8 TFSI κινητήρας έχει δυναμώσει κατά 100 άλογα με 130 Nm ροπής, αποδίδοντας 550 άλογα με 680 Nm ροπής, με την τελική ταχύτητα να ανέρχεται στα 290 χλμ/ώρα.

Audi S6 Avant by ABT Sportsline (2)

Ο οίκος προσφέρει carbon πλαϊνούς καθρέπτες, carbon αεροτομή, μια ποικιλία ζαντών 20″ και 21″, νέα πατάκια, νέο τιμόνι με LED ενδείξεις για ιδανικότερες αλλαγές ταχυτήτων και το σύστημα Level Control που μειώνει την απόσταση της ανάρτησης κατά 20 mm μπροστά και 15 mm πίσω.

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Highway rivals: ABT lends the S6 an almost RS6-like 550 hp

Audi RS6 beats the S6? This former wisdom is now almost rendered obsolete by ABT Sportsline, which launches a performance package putting the sporty S6 near the same level as its supersporty cousin. “With ABT Power New Generation we much raise the pulse and the Avant or limo’s performance, too,” says a pleased CEO Hans Jürgen Abt. Instead of 450 hp (331 kW) and 550 Nm, we now have 550 hp (404 kW) and 680 Nm. Fun? Almost unlimited! And now wonder, as the Vmax was raised to 290 kph. Incidentally, this uprating is also available for all Audi S7 drivers. And you won’t have to fear any complaints, as the innovative power package with its specially developed ABT Engine Control unit including software comes with comprehensive warranties. However, you will hardly need them since all components have been extensively tested on the company’s own dynamometer and on public roads.

If you run like a professional athlete, you also need the right outfit: here ABT provides fender inserts, mirror caps with a finish of shining exposed carbon and a rear spoiler made of ultra-light CFRP. This sportsman’s dress code also requires the right shoes, with the attractive DR, FR and ER-C wheels being available in 20’’ and 21’’ – with fitting high-performance brand-name tyres, if you want.

The electronic ABT Level Control for the air suspension will perfectly position the wheels in their arches. And the lowered CoG will also make the Audi S6 corner much better. Inside, the ABT is very dynamic. The Bavarians install new integrated entrance lights, their own start-stop button, floor and trunk mats featuring the ABT logo and, as real must-have, the LED shifting lights in the steering wheel. Speaking of which: if you want to shift down, you may use the S6 for casual cruising, too.

The new ABT S6 – data and facts

Engine: 4.0 TFSI, 3993 cc capacity, V8
Performance Tuning: ABT POWER New Generation
Performance: 550 PS/404 kW (Serial: 450 PS/331 kW) / 680 Nm (Serial: 550 Nm)

ABT fender inserts
ABT mirror covers (CFK)
ABT rear spoiler (CFK)
ABT logo set “Black Chrome”

ABT WHEELS in design FR, ER-C and DR in 9.5 x 20in and 9.0 x 21in
Available also as complete set with sports tires in 255/35 R20 and 265/30 R21

ABT muffler system

ABT Level Control (electronic lowering: front 20mm, rear 15mm)

ABT floor mats
ABT integrated entrance light
ABT LED shifting lights at the steering wheel
ABT start-stop button with illuminated ABT-logo