H Ferrari πριν πάρει την νίκη στο Silverstone με τον Fernando Alonso, γιόρτασε τα 60στα γενέθλια από τότε που ο Jose Floilan Gonzalez πήρε την παρθενική νίκη της Scuderia, στην πίστα του Silverstone το 1951.

Ο Alonso λίγο πριν την καθιερωμένη παρέλαση των πιλότων είχε την τύχη να οδηγήσει την Ferrari 375 του Gonzalez – η οποία ανήκει πλέον στον Bernie Ecclestone – κάνοντας μερικούς γύρους στην Βρετανική πίστα. Μάλλον του έφερε γούρι του Ισπανού. Video και φωτογραφίες στη συνέχεια.


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Alonso tries another Ferrari: on track tomorrow at Silverstone

Silverstone 9 July – Fernando Alonso’s track action at the British Grand Prix will start earlier than for the other 23 drivers. The Spaniard will actually tackle a lap of the circuit in a Ferrari Formula 1 car as early as 11.20, just before the Drivers’ Parade. This isn’t down to some ad hoc rule change, because he will be at the wheel of the actual 375 F1 car that José Froilan Gonzalez drove to give the Scuderia its maiden win at the highest level of motor sport, when he won the 1951 edition of this race. The car is now part of Bernie Ecclestone’s private collection.

Over sixty years have passed since that day on the 14 July and since then, Ferrari has won a further 214 Grands Prix, a record that is destined to last for a while. Today, Fernando tried the cockpit of the 375 F1 for the first time in the Silverstone paddock: some instruction was required when it came to using a very different pedal arrangement to that of the 150° Italia and it needed a few metres to gain confidence in the car. Even Team Principal Stefano Domenicali was on hand to watch proceedings, but for Fernando the fun will have to wait until tomorrow morning on track!