H Fiat θα παρουσιάσει το 500 Nation edition στην έκθεση της Μπολόνια. Η έκδοση έχει σχεδιαστεί για την έναρξη των πωλήσεων του 500 στην Αμερική και το αυτοκίνητο έχει νέα γραφικά  “Stars & Stripes” και ζάντες 16″. Το 500C είναι διαθέσιμο σε λευκό χρώμα ενώ το 500 στο νέο μπλε “America Blue”. Οι πωλήσεις του θα ξεκινήσουν τον Φεβρουάριο και μόλις 1000 μονάδες θα βγούνε στη παραγωγή, 500 για το Fiat 500 Nation με τιμή €14.500 και 500 για το Fiat 500C Nation με τιμή €18.000.

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Fiat 500

Nation Limited Edition

With just 500 numbered units made in the saloon version and 500 in the convertible version, the new Fiat 500 Nation Limited Edition is the tribute that the brand dedicates to the great countries where the car is sold.
The first edition pays homage to the United States, celebrating the arrival of the 500 in North America and the beginning of collaboration with the American pop singer Jennifer Lopez. Besides, a cool icon of Italian style but with a marked pop soul, the Fiat 500 continues to capture attention also across the ocean both for having won over the US audience and having renewed the product placement and communications fields by making an appearance paired up with Jennifer Lopez. In fact, for the new videoclip of the “Papi” track taken from the “Love?” album (Island Def Jam), the multitalented artist wanted to drive a Fiat 500. A 30- and 60-second commercial – nothing short of a trailer of the music clip- was born after this marriage between artist and car.

In the Saloon version, the 500 Nation America Limited Edition is offered in the exclusive metallic shade America Blue and it is distinguished by mirror fairings with “Stars & Stripes” graphics, stickers, dedicated beltline and 16″ alloy wheels with red cap edge. American inspiration and iconography are also found in the interiors with red/ivory seats and contrasting white dashboard.

The white three-layer paint and “Stars & Stripes” mirror fairings are combined with the red top and the graphics in the colours of the American flag in the beltline in the convertible version. In this case the elegant 16″ alloy wheels are finished with a blue rim edge.

The 500 Nation is equipped as standard with manual air conditioning and is enriched with the kit complete with exterior chrome-plating in both saloon and convertible versions. Lastly, a badge on the pillar bearing the serial number of this limited edition makes this car unique.

The new 500 Nation America Limited Edition can be ordered starting from late February 2012 at the approximate price of Euro 14,500 for the saloon version and Euro 18,000 for the convertible.