Tata eMO-C Concept (1)

H Tata εγκαινιάζοντας το νέο της κέντρο μηχανικής στο Detroit, παρουσίασε το πρωτότυπο eMO-C electric van, το οποίο δεν προβλέπεται ότι θα περάσει στη παραγωγή. Το ηλεκτρικό van, αν ποτέ περνούσε στη παραγωγή, θα κόστιζε μεταξύ $15.750 έως $23.750.

Βασίζεται πάνω στο eMO EV concept και μπορεί να εξοπλιστεί με 3 πακέτα μπαταριών που προσφέρουν 80, 160 και 240 χλμ αυτονομίας. Πληροί όλες τις προδιαγραφές ασφαλείας της Βόρειας Αμερικής και μπορεί να προσαρμοστεί ανάλογα με τους κανονισμούς της κάθε πολιτείας.

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Kevin Fisher, President of Tata Technologies vehicle program development unveiled the eMO-C Small Electric Delivery Van based on the eMO concept shown in Detroit last January. The eMO-C (electric MObility-Commercial) is believed to be a small delivery van that can be used by couriers for delivery or even for Pizza delivery!

The concept certainly looks very exciting and we hope Tata takes it very seriously. Here are the pointers that you need to know:

  • As of now, there are no plans to put the eMO-C into production. It is being treated as an engineering study
  • Tata has however, conducted a price estimate and realistically it would start from $15,750 (INR 8,50,500) and go up to $23,750 USD (INR 12,82,500) before the rebates that are generally given to electric vehicles. The price per mile (1mile = 1.6km) with eMO-C is less than 2 cents (INR 1.08) per mile.
  • The eMO-C will meet all current major global regulatory and non-regulatory standards, including current North American safety regulations. It can be modified to meet specific market regulations as well.
  • Different battery modules will offer range of 50 miles (80km), 100 miles (160km) and 150 miles (240km).
  • Engineering teams working from India, Europe and North America collaborated to make the eMO-C using a Global Delivery Model.
  • The original eMO had Tata filing for 15 patents, notable of which are the lift and slide rear hatch.
  • Tata thinks there is a definite potential for the eMO-C in North America

Tata Technologies eMO-C FAQs

Is eMO-C going into production?
There are no plans for production of this engineering study. As part of the process, however, we engineered this product to complement our eMO study and utilize our manufacturing and assembly solutions.

What is eMO-C’s MSRP?
eMO-C will not be produced and sold, but as a study, we have been able to have a MSRP range, that started at $15,750 and went up to $23,750 (USD), before rebates. However with Commercial vehicles it more about the price per mile, with eMO-C being less than 2 cents per mile.

Does eMO-C meet regulatory standards?
eMO-C is engineered and simulated to meet all current major global regulatory and non-regulatory standards, including current North American safety regulations. It can be modified to meet specific market regulations. Further validation through physical testing would be required.

What range does eMO-C have?
eMO-C has been engineered to have a wider range, to accommodate client usage, Battery Module would be available for 50, 100 & 150 miles, knowing that performance may vary based on usage and driving conditions.

What is eMO-C’s Cd?
CFD analysis supports the stated eMO-C range.

Was eMO-C engineered in North America?
Teams working in India and North America and Europe collaborated to develop eMO-C. This engineering study demonstrates our uniqueto-the-industry Global Delivery Model.

Did you engineer the complete vehicle?
Yes. Tata Technologies teams in India, North America and Europe, using our unique Global Delivery Model, tapped the best global resources, including specialist suppliers and partners, to execute this engineering study.

Is eMO-C a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV)?
eMO-C is fully legal for operation on all roadways and would meet all major market federal safety requirements.

Is eMO-C innovative?
Yes. The original eMO project had 15 patents, some of which carried over to eMO-C, along with our unique features such as the flexible storage and out ‘Lift & Slide’ hatch.

Do you think there is a market for this vehicle in North America?
Absolutely – It is Tata Technologies’ position that the next few years will bring clarity to the EV space and volumes. We believe the market exists for a vehicle demonstrating this intelligent, thoughtful combination of performance, function, eco-responsibility, & cost of ownership.

Are you Tata Motors?
We are Tata Technologies, a global engineering services provider, and one of numerous companies within the Tata Group. We do not manufacture vehicles.

Does Tata Technologies work for Tata Motors?

We are an engineering services provider, and have numerous global

customers including Chrysler, Ford, Tata Motors, and Jaguar Land Rover; as well as Tier 1 automotive suppliers worldwide.

Will eMO-C be a Tata Motors–badged vehicle for North America?
This is a Tata Technologies engineering study, meant to showcase our Vehicle Programs and Development (VPD) Group capabilities; from market study to manufacturing solutions.

Will eMO be a Jaguar or Land Rover?
This is a Tata Technologies engineering study, meant to showcase our VPD Group capabilities; from market study to manufacturing solutions.