BAIC Concept 900 teaser (1)

H BAIC στη Σανγκάη θα παρουσιάσει το Concept 900 το οποίο είναι σχεδιασμένο από τον ιταλικό οίκο Fioravanti. Το πρωτότυπο ίσως μας δείχνει τη μελλοντική σχεδιαστική κατεύθυνση που θα ακολουθήσει στο μέλλον η Κινέζικη εταιρία, με το εσωτερικό του πρωτότυπου να διαθέτει αρκετές οθόνες αφής, όπως αναφέρει στο δελτίο τύπου η εταιρία. Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες γι’αυτό θα μάθουμε αύριο.

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Shanghai Auto Show Beiqi Group Aspect Saab D series production version will be unveiled  

April 20, 2013 forthcoming opening of the Shanghai International Auto Show. As the vane of China’s auto market for the year, the Shanghai auto show has become the major car firms, especially independent brand car enterprises compete for the attention of consumers, increasingly powerful own brand will also be a highlight of the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

18 large, central to the development of its own brand cars to give full support. The end of last year, the General Secretary Xi Jinping leading cadres with car speech, said: “We gradually to take its own brand car, with this design and production, the old sit perception of foreign cars is not good.” At the same time, the central office in the new party and government organs of public service vehicles with the use of management approach “clearly stated: the party and government organs should be equipped with the use of domestic cars. Independent brand and independent innovation of new energy vehicles, can the government give priority to the purchase. Several provinces including Gansu, Hunan, Hainan has unveiled the relevant provisions required under the premise of not wasteful, and gradually transfer its own brand cars “.

The Shanghai Auto Show Beijing Automotive Group will bring its overall corporate exhibitors, own brand products will be the protagonist of this show: After three years of independent research and development in high-end cars Saab D series production models based on the Saab platform is about to debut.

Aspect One: own brand new car prior to listing first exposed the true capacity

There is no doubt that Saab D Series based the Saab platform for independent research and development will be the Shanghai Auto Show, one of the most attractive products. Since Saab D Series officially unveiled at the Guangzhou Auto Show in December 2012, this based on the Saab 9-5 platform to build a new independent high-end cars has been widespread concern by consumers. Beijing Automotive Group revealed that Saab D series will be officially listed on May 11 in Beijing Auto Show will be the production version, consumers can see the real capacity.

Beijing Automotive Group Chairman Xu and Yi said in an interview with reporters, BAIC to develop its own brand “tight light a fire, slow mortgage pan”. For building their own brands and products to build, we always insist on holding a high hit, do not take the extensive production of its own brand in the past, only accounts for low-end market of the old ways. “Beijing Automotive Group does not seem to take into account the ardent expectations of the media and consumers, repeatedly to postpone the listing is expected to have to wait until the moment of fruition. Finally, Beiqi “lifting the pot”! February 27, Beiqi Saab brand in Hong Kong staged a “land-based flight show its excellent power and handling performance for the fans and media reporters were present hooked. March 2, top international superstar, Oscar and Cannes double winner Nicolas Cage become the spokesman for the image of the Saab brand. A series of actions to tell people: Saab!

In the development of high-end cars at the same time, Beijing Automotive Group did not lose the old foundation of the “off-road family”. The reporter was informed that the BJ40 Beijing Automotive Group concern the main product of the off-road vehicles will also debut at the same time and will be listed this year. Beijing Automotive Group will also have a variety of SUV debut show, in order to consolidate China’s first sport utility vehicle brand brand position.

Xu and Yi for own brand products, the quality is the first one, is the soul of the brand. Three years of sword Saab D series, classical tradition BJ40 are Beijing Automotive Group, in line with the quality of the first R & D concept, each one to market the product must stand the test of responsibility and conscience .

Aspect Two: new energy vehicles to help the “good life”

Code of Conduct at the Auto Shanghai “innovation, better life” as the theme, and this is followed with Beijing Automotive Group, the car, the natural harmonious development “coincide. In recent months, most parts of the country continued to fog and haze environmental problems caused by more and more the concern of the whole society. Environmental experts bluntly poor air quality in Beijing is due largely caused by automobile exhaust.
The face of increasingly serious air pollution to address vehicle emissions pollution problem is imminent. The development of new energy vehicles has been raised to the level of national policy. It is understood that Beijing will be the first half of this year have been put forward policies to encourage private purchase of pure electric passenger cars, including subsidies, standards and purchase pure electric vehicles without Yao Hao.

New energy vehicles BAIC important thing at the Shanghai Auto Show. New energy vehicles is a core part of the development of Beijing Automotive Group, is one of Beiqi an effective way to enhance the level of autonomy. Beijing Automotive Group has been to focus on accelerating the development and industrialization of new energy vehicles to make a fuss, and achieve a breakthrough. , Beiqi new energy vehicles variety of pure electric vehicles into the development and mass production, the formation of a single shift production capacity of 40,000 new energy vehicles. BAIC has been a breakthrough in the three product online, in addition to the E150EV pure electric car, minivan into the city logistics, as well as to enter the field of public service vehicles, high-end electric cars come out.

Beijing Automotive Group Chairman Xu and Yi said, in accordance with the overall planning of Beijing, Beijing Automotive Group is actively promoting the electric car business. This year, BAIC will be at least 5,000 electric vehicles on the road: on the basis of more than 1000 new energy vehicles for public transportation, sanitation, taxi, Beijing Automotive Group will this year over 3000 pure electric vehicles for public sales, and vigorously promote new energy vehicles industrialization. With the Shanghai auto show platform, Beiqi pure electric vehicles will be real “flying into the homes of ordinary people.”

Aspect Three: The new brand proposition worth the wait Beijing Automotive Group, the financial world, invent the future “as a brand concept, as early as in 1984, set up China’s first automotive joint venture. Same time, as the last development of independent brands Automobile Group, Beijing Automotive Group firm to choose its own brand of high-end route to open innovation, integrated innovation of the road, from the whole industry chain to build its own brand, to form their own core competitiveness.

At the Auto Shanghai Beijing Automotive Group unveiled a new brand concept and brand architecture. Beijing Automotive Group, related parties, Beijing Automotive Group has Beiqi E series, Beiqi own brand products, Wang Wei listed Beiqi own brand strength just show out. 2013, Beijing Automotive Group brands will also benefit from the emphasis on their own development, the transition to more communication with consumers to enhance the market competitiveness of Beiqi brand.

Year drama as China’s auto market, the Shanghai Auto Show is approaching. We are eagerly looking forward to a leisurely or starting or appearance of the new car to focus attention at the same time, we would like to see the strong rise of independent brands. Beijing Automotive Group, represented by own brands are also eager to look forward to burst out of the strong force in China’s auto market to occupy the right place at the right, let us wait and see.