Μετά την Ciceley Racing που έκανε γνωστά τα σχέδια της να τρέξει στο British Touring Car Championship με μία ειδικά τροποποιημένη Mercedes A-Class, έρχεται και η WIX Racing να κάνει το ίδιο.


Μπορεί η Mercedes-Benz να ετοιμάζει την δική της αγωνιστική εκδοχή της CLA αλλά τα αυτοκίνητα που ανακοινώθηκε πως θα συμμετέχουν στο BTCC, δεν έχουν καμία σχέση με αυτήν. Έχουν εξελιχθεί σύμφωνα με τους NGTC (Next Generation Touring Car) κανονισμούς που φτιάχθηκαν για να “ανοίξουν” το grid σε περισσότερους και πιο διαφορετικούς συνδυασμούς και από ότι φαίνεται τα καταφέρνουν. Η A-Class της WIX Racing, κινείται από έναν δίλιτρο, τετρακύλινδρο βενζινοκινητήρα με απόδοση άνω των 300 ίππων. Η ισχύς μεταδίδεται στους εμπρός τροχούς μέσω ενός 6-τάχυτου σειριακού κιβωτίου, την πέδηση έχουν αναλάβει φρένα της AP Racing, η ECU είναι της Cosworth, η ανάρτηση ρυθμιζόμενη ενώ όπως βλέπεις και στις φωτογραφίες, το αεροδυναμικό πακέτο εκτενές και επιθετικό.

Οι δοκιμές ξεκινούν αυτή τη βδομάδα και πίσω από το τιμόνι της αγωνιστικής A-Class θα βρίσκεται ο πρώην πρωταθλητής του Ginetta GT, Adam Morgan. Ο πρώτος αγώνας θα γίνει στο Brand Hatch στα τέλη του Μαρτίου.

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“The WIX RACING Effect”
New 2014 Race Livery released first on the Mercedes A-Class Show Car

WIX Racing are pleased to announce the release of their long awaited New WIX Racing Livery on the pictured show car version of the Mercedes A-Class, which will replicate the anxiously awaited Race Car version out for testing next week for the first time! With the design being an exact replica of that of the WIX Racing BTCC car, fans can now have a glimpse of the exciting new WIX Racing look fixed for the BTCC 2014 season. It may look familiar to you………

WIX Filters & Ciceley Motorsport in partnership with our support sponsors, FAI Automotive, MAC Tools, Fuchs Oils and Finch Signs have worked in close association to produce a car design that is constant and reflects the striking black and yellow colours of the title sponsor WIX Racing, whilst incorporating the new all-important supporting sponsor logos. We believe they all compliment the overall look and design fantastically on the 2014 design.

‘All here at WIX are delighted with the look of the New WIX Racing Mercedes and we are very excited about the 2014 season ahead’ Wayne Stevens – Managing Director. ‘This year is set to be the most competitive and exciting season ever, with a full grid and so many champions, not forgetting the current one. Being involved with the BTCC as a title sponsor has been fantastic for WIX. It has really supported and elevated the positioning of our brand across many segments of the market and also to the general public and avid fans of the sport. In my opinion, it’s clear to me that it’s the most exciting and engaging motorsport platform to be involved in, with the most passionate of fans of all ages. It truly makes for a great weekend and also a fantastic live TV spectacle. We hope to be involved for a while and work in close partnership with Ciceley Motorsport and our supporting sponsor’s longer term, especially with the new exciting Mercedes A-Class.’

Russell Morgan comments “The commercial value of a title sponsor can never be underestimated. The WIX Racing team have already demonstrated what they are able to achieve in BTCC, with regards to working with the driver and the team to raise both the profiles. They are as passionate interacting with all of the team and especially the fans of the team with giveaways and competitions, with lots to come on race weekends. Their technical expertise is just as important to the team as their financial assistance and this has clearly been reflected in the design of the car. I am extremely pleased with the look of the show car and the overall partnerships we are enjoying this year with WIX and all the supporting partnerships. I am looking forward to having the race car design implemented, ready for the first round at the end of March. We are really excited about the 2014 season ahead with WIX Racing in our New Mercedes A-Class’.

The ‘stand out’ design not only flows throughout the BTCC and show car, but has also been reflected in the new WIX Racing merchandise designed with Dread and is available to pre-order online via the newly designed WIX Racing website www.wixracing.co.uk. If you want to see how Finch Signs wrapped the WIX Racing Mercedes from start to finish, click on the link provided. Look out for pictures and more from our maiden test day coming hopefully next week.