Mercedes-AMG 2014

Η Mercedes-Benz ανακοίνωσε πως στην έκθεση του Detroit θα παρουσιάσει τα δύο πρώτα μοντέλα της νέας σειράς AMG Sport, μιας νέας γρήγορης οικογένειας αυτοκινήτων της που θα τοποθετηθούν κάτω από τις αμιγώς AMG εκδόσεις και πάνω από τα μοντέλα με το AMG Sport πακέτο. Τα αυτοκίνητα που θα φορούν τα AMG Sport λογότυπα “θα προσφέρουν βελτιωμένες επιδόσεις και τεχνικές βελτιώσεις” και θα είναι κάτι αντίστοιχο με τα M Performance μοντέλα της BMW.

14C1461_02Όλα τα AMG Sport μοντέλα θα διαθέτουν σύστημα τετρακίνησης στον βασικό εξοπλισμό, βελτιώσεις στο σασί, φρένα προερχόμενα από τα AMG μοντέλα και φυσικά βελτιωμένους κινητήρες.

Tobias Moers Vorsitzender der Geschäftsführung Mercedes-AMG Gm

Το ένα από τα δύο πρώτα μοντέλα που θα φορέσουν το AMG Sport πακέτο θα είναι η C450 AMG Sport με τον 3,0-λιτρο V6 κινητήρα απόδοσης 367 ίππων, και το δεύτερο η GLE Coupe, με την Mercedes-Benz να μας δίνει τη πρώτη teaser φωτογραφία της. Ο CEO της AMG, Tobias Moers είπε πως η Mercedes-AMG θα πουλήσει 40.000 αυτοκίνητα φέτος ενώ έως το 2017, η εταιρία του θέλει να πουλά 64.000 αυτοκίνητα, τα διπλάσια από όσα πούλησε το 2013.

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  • Growth strategy aimed at new market segments
  • Doubling of global sales targeted by 2017
  • Premiere of the new AMG Sport models at the North American International Motor Show in Detroit

Affalterbach – The sports car and high-performance brand Mercedes-AMG will achieve a new sales record of well over 40,000 units globally this year. Its entry into the compact segment and the broadening of its product range have provided the Affalterbach-based company with access to new customer groups and secured success in established and new markets. New models developed entirely in-house, such as the SLS AMG and, more recently, the Mercedes-AMG GT, consolidate the brand’s success story and place it firmly on course for sustained growth.

“We are proud of these successes, as they provide the basis for the next stage of our growth strategy, which we are now launching,” explains Tobias Moers, Chairman of the Board of Management of Mercedes-AMG GmbH. “In the next three years we aim to more than double our total sales for 2013.”

To render the AMG brand and its technology more accessible, Mercedes-AMG is establishing a new product line by the name of “AMG Sport”, offering enhanced performance and technical refinements. The AMG Sport models will fill the gap between the AMG Sports package for Mercedes-Benz vehicles and the classic AMG models, thereby underpinning the brand’s growth strategy on a sustained basis.

Opening up new customer groups and segments will raise the company’s profile and boost AMG’s sales potential worldwide. “The new Sport models represent a convincing proposition for our customers: genuine sports car technology becomes accessible, appealing to an even broader-ranging clientele worldwide,” observes Tobias Moers. “For all our dynamic growth, we remain true to our brand claim of “Driving Performance”.”

The AMG Sport models bear out the high-performance brand’s claim with uprated engine output, all-wheel drive as standard in selected markets and special chassis components and brake systems from the classic AMG models. Signature AMG driving dynamics and a highly emotional driving experience are the tangible outcome for the customer. The first two AMG Sport models are set to be unveiled at the International Auto Show in Detroit in January 2015. It is planned to add further models to this new product line in due course.

The Affalterbach-based sports car brand has set itself high aims not only with regard to customer enthusiasm and growth: the fleet consumption has been reduced by 35 per cent by means of a comprehensive range of technical measures carried out in the past five years as part of the “AMG Green Performance Strategy”. The AMG models are already among the most fuel-efficient and low-emission vehicles in their respective segments, with the new engine technologies and all-embracing lightweight design set to render them yet more efficient. The introduction of the Sport models in 2015 will make an additional significant contribution towards lowering the fuel consumption of the AMG fleet. The company headquarters in Affalterbach and the logistics organisation are also all set for sustained growth and represent the benchmark in efficiency, flexibility and environment-friendliness. The company has received recognition from the “German Sustainable Building Council”, for example, and is the winner of the “Deutscher Logistik-Preis 2014” from the BVL Global Supply Chain Network for both its environment-friendliness and its supply chain strategy.