Ο βελτιωτικός οίκος RevoZport παρουσίασε άλλο ένα πακέτο για την Mercedes-AMG GT S, το οποίο ονομάζει GTZ 650. Η εταιρία δημιούργησε νέο bodykit που παράγει 20% μεγαλύτερη αεροδυναμική πίεση. Το carbon bodykit για την AMG GT, αποτελείται από νέους προφυλακτήρες, μπροστά spoliler, πλαϊνές ποδιές, νέο αεριζόμενο καπό, διαχύτη και αεροτομή.


Ο οίκος τοποθετεί νέα εξάτμιση από Inconel και κάτω από το καπό, δεν βελτιώνει τον 4,0-λίτρων twin-turbo V8 κινητήρα και έτσι αυτός αποδίδει 650 άλογα, με τα 0-100 χλμ/ώρα να τα κάνει σε 3,6 δευτερόλεπτα, έχοντας τελική ταχύτητα 330 χλμ/ώρα.

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RevoZport GTZ-650

Performance & Aerodynamic Enhancement Package
(For AMG GTS & Edition 1)

Mercedes AMG develop the GT as a true sports car with first class racetrack performance and yet suitable for everyday practicality. With its front mid-mounted engine layout and lightweight aluminium chassis, its certainly a joy for track and sporty driving. The RevoZport GTZ-650 is the enhanced version of the AMG GTS providing higher downforce and performance for the owners whom think the standard GTS is not enough for their taste.

At the engineering department of RevoZport London, a special performance pack has been developed to bring the 503hp GTS to a whopping 650hp. This is achieved by a bespoke ECU mapping together with free-flow intake system and a set of titanium exhaust system. The titanium exhaust system weight less than 10kg, that’s a lot of weight savings compare to the original stainless steel.

With such performance, extra downforce and grip is achieved by a newly designed add on aerokit for the GT & GTS owners. Designed with CAD and simulated by CFD, the RevoZport GTZ-650 AeroKit is inspired by the SLS Black series with more aggressive front splitters and canards at the front while at the rear the customer can choose to have a duckbill trunk lip spoiler or fixed GT wing for extra down-force. Carbon kevlar (normally used on bulletproof vest) is use for front add-on splitter to endure any scratches and all other components are produced in carbon fibre.

  • GTZ-650 Aerodynamic PackageGTZ-650 Complete Aerokit
    GTZ-650 Front Splitter with Fender Blade
    GTZ-650 Front Bumper Canard
    GTZ-650 Side Skirt with Fender Blade
    GTZ-650 Rear Diffuser with Fender Blade
    GTZ-650 GT Spoiler with Decklid Panel
    GTZ-650 Gurney Flap
    AMG GT-S Carbon Front Grill
    AMG GT-S Carbon Mirror Cover
  • GT-Z 650 Performance PackageAMG GT-S Paddle Shift
    GTZ-650 Ram Air Intake System
    GTZ-650 ECU Unit
    GTZ-650 Titanium Exhaust System