Jaguar F-TYPE and Range Rover

Και τον Φεβρουάριο, οι πωλήσεις της  Jaguar Land Rover παρουσίασαν αύξηση, αφού αυτές ανήλθαν σε 26.855 μονάδες (+3%) σε σχέση με τον Φεβρουάριο του 2012. Αυτή η μικρή αύξηση, οφείλεται κυρίως στη Κινέζικη πρωτοχρονιά, η οποία λειτούργησε ανασταλτικά στις πωλήσεις περισσότερων αυτοκινήτων. Από την αρχή του έτους, οι δύο Βρετανικές εταιρίες έχουν πουλήσει 61.732 αυτοκίνητα (+18%), με την Jaguar τον Φεβρουάριο να πουλά 4.595 αυτοκίνητα (+27%), ενώ η Land Rover 22.260 αυτοκίνητα.

Η αγορά της Ασίας-Ειρηνικού παρουσίασε αύξηση κατά 32%, της Αγγλίας κατά 30%, της Βορείου Αμερικής κατά 22%, της Κίνας κατά 20% και της Ευρώπης κατά 8%.

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  • Jaguar Land Rover sells 26,855 vehicles in February
  • Jaguar sells 4,595 vehicles, up 27%
  • Land Rover sells 22,260 vehicles, with Freelander sales up 26%
  • For the first two months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover sells 61,732 vehicles, up 18%

Coventry, UK: Jaguar Land Rover, the UK’s leading manufacturer of premium luxury vehicles, sold 26,855 vehicles during February, an increase of 3% versus the same period last year. During the first two months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover sold 61,732 vehicles, up 18%.

February sales were up in almost every major market: 20% in Asia Pacific, 20% in North America, 15% in the UK, and 6% in Europe. In China, sales were down by 22% reflecting the Chinese New Year falling in February this year and January last year.

For the first two months of the year, Jaguar Land Rover has seen strong sales performance across all of its major markets, with increases in Asia Pacific (32%), the UK (30%), North America (22%), China (20%) and Europe (8%).

Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover’s Director of Group Sales Operations said, “Jaguar Land Rover’s sales momentum continues with strong sales performance in February across most major markets. In China, our sales were influenced by the New Year celebrations.”

“We are particularly pleased with Jaguar’s sales this month, which have increased by 27% following new product introductions.”  

“The Land Rover Freelander has seen increased sales of 26%, with an especially strong performance in the UK.”

In February, Jaguar sold 4,595 vehicles in February (up 27%), with increased sales of the XF (up 37%) and the XJ (up 15%), reflecting new smaller engines and all-wheel drive options as well as the XF Sportbrake. In the first two months of the year, Jaguar sold 10,354 vehicles (up 34%) with the UK, Germany, South Africa and China performing particularly well.

Land Rover sold 22,260 vehicles in February, down slightly when compared to February 2012, reflecting the Chinese New Year holiday period. It saw increased sales of Freelander (up 26%) and Range Rover (up 46%). For the first two months of the year, Land Rover has sold 51,378 vehicles (up 15%) with notable performances in USA, Germany, South Africa and Middle Eastern & North African Importers.