SsangYong LIV-1 Concept (3)

Η SsangYong παρουσίασε το LIV-1 Concept στην έκθεση της Σεούλ. Το πρωτότυπο συμπληρώνει όλα τα προηγούμενα που έχει παρουσιάσει η εταιρία, SUT 1XIV-1XIV-2e-XIVSIV-1 και μας δείχνει ένα μοντέλο που θα τοποθετηθεί ανάμεσα στο Rexton και το Rodius. To “LIV” σημαίνει “Limitless Interface Vehicle” και η έκδοση παραγωγής θα βγει κάποια στιγμή το 2015.

Το concept βασίζεται στη σχεδιαστική φιλοσοφία “Robust Aesthetics” και θα πάρει θέση μαζί με 19 άλλα μοντέλα της εταιρίας. Έχει μήκος 4.87 μέτρα, πλάτος 1,95 μέτρα, ύψος 1,85 μέτρα και μεταξόνιο 2,84 μέτρα.

Το αυτοκίνητο διαθέτει LED φώτα ημέρας, μεγάλες ζάντες, φουσκωμένα φτερά και μια μεγάλη πανοραμική ηλιοροφή. Οι χειρολαβές των πίσω θυρών είναι κρυμμένες στη πίσω κολόνα και στο εσωτερικό  φιλοξενεί 7 επιβάτες και είναι διαμορφωμένο σε διάταξη 2+2+3. Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες μπορείς να βρεις στο δελτίο τύπου που ακολουθεί.

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SsangYong has unveiled its next new concept car at the Seoul Motor Show in South Korea. The LIV-1 (Limitless Interface Vehicle) is a large SUV (sport utility vehicle) and features an easily controlled four wheel drive system via an interface.

Designed to look robust, purposeful and sporty, the car features a sizeable body with large bumpers front and rear, yet with slim A and B pillars, a glasshouse silhouette and full length glass roof. An automated sidestep is included for safety and convenience.

Very much a car for the future, the LIV-1 is designed for driving safety and pleasure with ‘limitless potential’ for the driver to create a driving environment that meets his or her needs.

Flexibility is the key design concept for the interior, where lines and curves come together to create a refined and inviting environment to achieve what is described as a lounge for the future. High gloss piano black on the centre fascia and contrasting aluminium detailing imbues the interior with the premium feel appropriate for a top-line SUV.

And as you would expect, this futuristic interior features all the latest technology to meet IT needs on the move. The car’s driver-vehicle communication interface is based on the 3S-Cube, the core of SsangYong’s future technology. This combines the elements of Smart Link, Safe Way and Special Sense to allow the vehicle to be remote-controlled using a smart device and to provide entertainment both within and from outside the vehicle.

Smart Link is a roof-and-glass system created from nano tube technology that removes frost quickly via remote control for safe winter driving, while Safe Way ensures safe driving by actively preventing collisions in blind spots and at intersections.

Special Sense allows the driver to arrange instrument cluster items to suit personal taste, the interface controlling the sound, seats and interior lighting to create a bespoke personal driving space.

User-vehicle interaction takes place through five displays, including a 10-inch monitor in the centre fascia and a 7-inch monitor in the headrest. The touch-panel displays featured in the LIV-1 provide clear information while continuing the futuristic theme.

LIV-1 follows several recent concept cars from SsangYong, and along with the XIV (eXciting User-Interface Vehicle) series and SIV-1 (Smart Interface Vehicle) shown at Geneva earlier this month, clearly illustrates the design direction the brand is taking and what can be expected in the future.

LIV-1 dimensions: length 4.87m, width 1.95m, height 1.85m, wheelbase 2.84m