Los Angeles Motor Show 2013

Στην έκθεση του Los Angeles θα κάνουν παγκόσμιο ντεμπούτο 30 νέα μοντέλα. Η έκθεση θα ανοίξει τις πύλες της στις 18 του Νοέμβρη και εκεί θα κάνουν την εμφάνισή τους τα Cadillac ATS-V, το ανανεωμένο Chrysler 300, τρία νέα Audi, τρεις νέες Mercedes-Benz, δύο νέες BMW, “μερικές” νέες Porsche, τρία νέα Mazda, ενώ μοντέλα θα παρουσιάσουν εκεί και οι Acura, Lexus, Toyota, Scion και Volkswagen.

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60 Total Reveals Scheduled for 2014 Los Angeles Auto Show Press & Trade Days Nov. 18-20

  • Half of all unveilings will be never-before-seen global premieres
  • More than 63 percent of global debuts are luxury and performance vehicles
  • Technology announcements expected from OEMs across the board
  • Important statements regarding several brands’ evolution of their design language
  • Several brands entering into new market segments
  • Fastest growing SUV/CUV category to represent one-fifth of this year’s global debuts

LOS ANGELES, CA (September 18, 2014) – The Los Angeles Auto Show confirmed today that 30 world debuts (totaling 60 vehicle unveilings overall) will be introduced in front of a global audience during its 2014 Press & Trade Days (Nov. 18-20) at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Almost every manufacturer has news to make in Los Angeles, but several automakers stand out with multiple global premieres of significant new vehicles.

Audi is planning one of its biggest LA Auto Shows to date, with up to eight total debuts, three of which are global, all to be presented by chairman of the board, Rupert Stadler. Mercedes-Benz will feature three world premieres, which will be showcased alongside the brand’s two North American debuts, while Porsche will hold several world reveals. Mazda will feature three global premieres, one of which is an all-new vehicle. BMW has confirmed two world debuts and three North American debuts, and Chevrolet has also committed to two global premieres.

Cadillac has already announced its world reveal of the high-performance 2015 ATS-V, while Chrysler plans to introduce its completely refreshed 300 and 300C models.

Scion also recently announced its plans for a global premiere of an all-new vehicle. Other brands making big statements with world premieres include Acura, Lexus, Toyota and Volkswagen. A few other brands that are keeping their plans under wraps are expected to add to LA’s roster of global premieres.

At least a dozen manufacturers have confirmed North American introductions, including Land Rover, who will reveal its all-new 2015 Discovery Sport crossover. Also expected are the MINI hardtop four-door and the Superleggera Vision concept, a redesigned Kia Sorrento, the convertible versions of the 228i and M235i from BMW, the Mitsubishi XR-PHEV concept vehicle and a dramatic statement by Volvo, who is re-launching its entire brand with the introduction of the second generation XC90, the company’s first model in four years. Fiat, Infiniti and Nissan are also verified to make North American debuts.

Volvo’s “Drive Me” autonomous vehicle will also make its North American premiere on the Connected Car Expo (CCE) show floor on Nov. 18, with executives discussing the car’s progressive autopilot technology. For the second consecutive year, the LA Auto Show’s CCE will take place in conjunction with Press & Trade Days and will feature 80 presenting experts, 20 conference topics and executive interviews, multiple news conferences and an expanded 50,000 square foot exhibit space. Breaking technology news from Audi, Hyundai, KPMG and several other exhibitors will highlight a full day of expert presentations. For more information and news regarding CCE, please visit here.

“With this debut lineup, Los Angeles will deliver the best of what’s to come in the automotive space and we’re eager to see how it all unfolds,” said LA Auto Show President, Lisa Kaz. “The automotive landscape is ever-changing and we continue to be at the forefront of the groundbreaking news.”