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H Citroen θέλοντας να γιορτάσει την έναρξη του καταστήματος DS World στο Παρίσι στις 27 του μηνός, ανακοίνωσε πως θα βγάλει σε περιορισμένη παραγωγή, μόλις 15 μονάδων, το DS3 World Paris Limited Edition.


Οι Γάλλοι έχουν βάψει την συγκεκριμένη έκδοση σε ματ γκρίζο σταχτί χρώμα με καφέ Trinitario οροφή και καφέ καθρέπτες, ενώ ο ίδιο καφέ χρώμα υπάρχει και στις ζάντες 17″.

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Στο εσωτερικό οι αλλαγές εντοπίζονται στις καφές Trinitario δερμάτινες Nappa επενδύσεις με μπεζ ραφές, το οποίο το συναντάμε στο ταμπλό, στα καθίσματα, στο κεντρικό υποβραχιόνιο και στον μοχλό των ταχυτήτων.

Το καθένα από τα 15 Citroen DS3 World Paris Limited Edition θα διαθέτει ειδικό ταμπελάκι με τον αύξων αριθμό, το οποίο θα είναι κατασκευασμένο από ξύλο βελανιδιάς.

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  • DS World Paris to open on 27 November
  • DS World is a showroom, an events venue & an exhibition of DS heritage
  • Citroën unveils ultra-limited edition DS3 DS World Paris to celebrate the opening of its new flagship venue

To celebrate the iconic DS line, Citroën is opening a brand new flagship showcase – DS World Paris – on Wednesday 27 November 2013.

Located in the heart of the Parisian Golden Triangle on Rue François, just a stone’s throw from the Champs-Elysées, DS World Paris is a showroom, event space and exhibition of the DS line’s rich history, as Citroën aims to completely immerse visitors in the DS universe.

Unique in Europe, and following on from the opening of DS World Shanghai in March this year, DS World Paris is a true flagship venue for the brand. Celebrating models past and present, it showcases the line’s heritage, which dates back to 1955, with some of the finest DS examples on show, including – for the opening – a 1956 Citroën DS19.

Just as the DS line is inspired by French-style luxury, so too is DS World Paris; fronted by a listed Art Deco façade, the 600m2 interior bears the signature colours of the DS – Black, Champagne and Carmine – with an emphasis on elegance, charm and purity.

The centrepiece to this impressive space is an astonishing tailor-made chandelier, comprising 900 blown glass beads. This, along with a unique DS scent and musical signature, ensures that DS World awakens all the senses.

DS World Paris is a true jewel in the crown for the brand, offering customers exclusive and personalised services, as well as being home to the DS World boutique, where the first in the DS Lifestyle luggage range will be launched.

To celebrate the opening of DS World Paris, Citroën has produced an ultra-limited edition of the popular DS3 for the most dedicated DS fans – DS3 DS World Paris. A jewel of Parisian elegance, this exclusive model is inspired by Art Deco architecture, inside and out, with the numbered DS World badge inlaid on the dashboard insert making each of the 15 models truly unique.

The creation of DS World Paris demonstrates the success story of the DS line. With 400,000 models sold since its launch in 2010, the DS line has enjoyed worldwide commercial success. With its DS models, Citroën dared to be different and this decision has paid off.

Julien Faux, Director of DS World Paris, explained the belief behind the venue: “DS World Paris focuses on the very essence of DS, a distinctive take on luxury à la française. Every detail and every space was fully thought through and designed as you would a haute couture fashion collection.

“In our approach to personalisation, we want the DS World Paris to be on the cutting edge of the avant-garde, in tune with creative communities and breakthrough artistic experiences. We will choose and create events that echo our world and will surprise visitors with our blend of daring and know-how.”

Throughout 2014, DS World Paris will host a range of artistic and cultural events, ranging from fashion and gastronomy to art and design.


For the opening of the DS World Paris on 27 November, CITROËN is unveiling an all-new version of the DS3. The very first CITROËN DS3 DS WORLD PARIS will be on exclusive display at the new venue in central Paris dedicated 100% to the DS universe. To be produced in just 15 numbered units, the new DS3 is the last word in elegance and expresses all of CITROËN’s expertise through its exclusive colours and top-quality materials

“The CITROËN DS3 DS WORLD PARIS was designed exclusively to celebrate the DS World Paris,” says DS styling head Thierry Metroz. Inspired by Art Deco architecture and reflecting French artisanal expertise, the CITROËN DS3 DS WORLD PARIS is a jewel of Parisian elegance. The exclusive model is cloaked in matte ash grey body paint perfectly coordinated with the Trinitario brown of the roof and wing mirror shells. The colours were created specially for the new model. The 17-inch wheels feature an original diamond effect that matches the roof and wing mirrors. Refinement dominates inside in the shape of prestige materials. The seats boast watchstrap upholstery developed by the Brand’s craftsmen-upholsterers, here dressed in Trinitario brown Nappa leather with beige overstitching. The same top-quality leather graces the dashboard insert, gear lever handle and central armrest. Each of the 15 models is unique, as evidenced in the numbered DS World Paris badge crafted in Burgundy oak. Using all-new technology, the wood decoration is inlaid in the leather dashboard insert. This innovative touch, also featuring on the door panels, is reminiscent of the atmosphere at the DS World Paris