BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBB and BERKING (1)

Το τμήμα Individual της BMW παρουσίασε την BMW Individual 760Li Sterling, η οποία βγήκε σε συνεργασία με την ROBBE & Berking. Διαθέτει ειδικά σηματάκια στο εξωτερικό, καφέ δερμάτινες επενδύσεις, ειδικές χειρολαβές, ειδικά διακοσμητικά, νέα μαρσπιέ και λογότυπα κατασκευασμένα στο χέρι.

Το τμήμα Individual της BMW έχει εμπειρία 20 ετών και κάθε χρόνο κατασκευάζει 20.000 Individual αυτοκίνητα για πελάτες της. Τα αυτοκίνητα αυτά διαθέτουν ειδική βαφή, υψηλής ποιότητας δερμάτινες επενδύσεις, δερμάτινο τιμόνι, νέες ζάντες, Alcantara επενδύσεις στην οροφή, ψυγεία και επιπλέον φώτα ανάγνωσης.

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The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING.

A manufactory implies one-off products, traditional craftsmanship, perfection and the fulfilment of the most discerning requirements. Those are the principles which the BMW Individual Manufaktur has followed for more than 20 years now. What began in the early 1990s as a bespoke BMW 750Li for Karl Lagerfeld has since evolved into a byword for customisation at the very highest level. “The BMW Individual Manufaktur is not so much a place as an idea that becomes reality on a daily basis. That idea is total customer orientation,” explains Friedrich Nitschke, President BMW M GmbH. “Here each vision of exclusivity is turned into reality.” But BMW Individual not only creates one-of-a-kind automobiles, it also designs and completes market-specific special editions and models, for example in its collaborations with watchmaker Girard Perregaux or with the renowned concert grand manufacturers Steinway & Sons. Besides the BMW Individual Manufaktur there is also the BMW Individual Collection, which rounds off the BMW Individual offering with equipment ranges that are perfectly matched to the various BMW model series and include exclusive paint finishes, high-quality leather appointments and interior trims.

Striving for perfection.

Through its joint ventures with renowned enterprises, the BMW Individual Manufaktur has in recent years managed to push the envelope further while at the same time setting new benchmarks for exclusivity. The highlight to date is the BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING. ROBBE & BERKING are among the most tradition-steeped silver manufacturers of our day. Each of their products is an expression of consummate craftsmanship and corroborates the company claim to create pleasure not just for a lifetime but for generations. “BMW and ROBBE & BERKING share far more than a passion for elegant, classic yachts – we apply the same standards to our products: in addition to pure technical utility, pleasing the customer is a foreground consideration,” explains Oliver Berking, the fifth-generation owner and CEO of ROBBE & BERKING. “At the same time our products embody the ethos of the manufactory – a striving towards perfect craftsmanship and timeless elegance coupled with keen attention to the smallest detail. The BMW Individual 760Li Sterling inspired by ROBBE & BERKING is a wonderful illustration of this.”

Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President BMW Group Design, adds this: “On my first visit to ROBBE & BERKING, I was particularly impressed by the high degree of tradition-led handcraftsmanship and the rigorous pursuit of optimal solutions. That passion is also the hallmark of our shared product.”

BMW Individual. The expression of personality.

1.BMW Individual.

Each and every BMW customer is unique. He or she possesses an unmatched set of attributes and character traits that make up a quite distinct personality. BMW Individual lends expression to this uniqueness in exclusive and premium fashion. Here customers can select from choice ranges of colour and material design to lend their BMW automobile a personal touch that goes well beyond the standard options. In this, BMW Individual sets benchmarks both inside and out. Everything BMW Individual offers reflects the peak of what is achievable technically and in terms of quality. What began in the 1990s with the creation of bespoke vehicles for Karl Lagerfeld, José Carreras and a host of royalty has since become a byword for outstanding quality, the fulfilment of the most exacting requirements and an unerring focus on the customer. That is what BMW Individual has stood for for more than 20 years.

The BMW Individual range is divided into two areas: the BMW Individual Collection and the BMW Individual Manufaktur. The BMW Individual Collection embraces equipment and fittings that are perfectly tailored to the various BMW model series, including exclusive paintwork finishes, high-quality leather upholstery and interior trims. Beyond this, customers can select specially designed BMW Individual leather steering wheels, wheel rims, Alcantara roof liners and technical features such as a cool box or extra reading lights.

The BMW Individual Manufaktur is not so much a place as an idea which is turned into reality on a daily basis. That idea is total customer orientation. Here special requests from BMW customers, which go beyond the BMW Individual Collection, take shape. Whether it is elaborate paintwork, unconventional materials or outré requests, the BMW Individual Manufaktur draws on its experience and craftsmanship to make every vision of exclusivity a reality – provided it does not conflict with safety standards, the brand character or legal requirements. The Manufaktur also develops and completes special editions, show cars and market-specific special editions.

BMW Individual was quick to recognise the demand for individualisation at the very highest level. More than 20 years of experience provide fresh daily inspiration and incentive for the BMW Individual specialists. The number of customised vehicles currently runs to some 20,000 a year, each representing the special quality standards, handcraftsmanship and design competence of BMW Individual.