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Το GAZ Group πρόσφατα παρουσίασε το Ural Next, ένα νέο φορτηγό μέγιστου ωφέλιμου φορτίου 13 τόνων και δες το video που έβγαλαν για να το προωθήσουν. Χωρίς τίποτα να στέκεται εμπόδιο του, το 6×6 φορτηγό φορά έναν δυνατό YaMZ-536 diesel κινητήρα απόδοσης μεταξύ 240 και 312 ίππων που συνδυάζεται με ένα αυτόματο κιβώτιο της ZF, και

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GAZ Group develops a new generation Ural Next vehicle range

GAZ Group, which is part of Basic Element, one of Russia’s largest diversified industrial groups, presents the new family of vehicles Ural Next. The new product continues the development of the Next lineup, the production of which started at GAZ Group enterprises in 2013 with the launch of GAZelle Next. Serial production and sales of Ural Next will begin in the second half of 2015.

GAZ Group is presenting the new generation of Ural Next trucks at the 16-th international specialized exhibition “Construction Equipment and Technologies – 2015” which is taking place in the Crocus Expo Center from 2 to 6 June. The Ural Next trucks expand the range of Ural vehicles bringing them to a new level of reliability and comfort. Modern appearance and interior, spacious and comfortable cabin, easy operation, excellent ergonomics are achieved through the use of modern engineering solutions and components that meet international quality standards. The new cabin module is installed on a deeply modernized chassis with a high-tech aggregate base.

While maintaining the traditional advantages of the Ural brand – a unique cross-country capacities and high functionality, the vehicle features a higher reliability and comfort, improved handling and fuel efficiency. The implemented solutions allow to provide a guarantee on the car of 24 months or 100 thousand km of run, with the service interval 15 000 km, high operational life and residual value.

The exposition of GAZ Group at the exhibition presents four Ural Next vehicles. Among them – the passenger truck that can run on compressed natural gas, methane and diesel. The operation of CNG vehicles can achieve significant savings in fuel costs. The stand also presents the three-way dump truck with a cargo platform space of 11 cubic meters for the transportation of bulk cargoes. Another member of the Ural Next family is the all-purpose vehicle with a drop-side cargo platform and a crane-manipulator for transporting cargoes. The exhibition also demonstrates fuel filling trucks to be used for the delivery of fuel and oil to remote areas, including difficult terrain, to small airfields, as well as for filling vehicles.

Ural Next key advantages:

Modern design, ergonomics and comfort

– The Ural Next vehicles have a new three-seat cabin providing a high level of comfort for the driver and passengers. The styling of the front end and cockpit makes the vehicles look new and modern while keeping the recognizable features of the Ural branded vehicle: the wings, the expressed vertical lines of the grille, the metal front buffer. The height of the cabin can comfortably accommodate the driver and passengers, at the same time space is saved above the cab for mounting construction booms when installing attachments and superstructures.

-The cabin has wide steps for easy entrance. The driver’s seat is equipped with air suspension. The use of modern materials of the trims, high-quality seals and sealing improves the NVH characteristics. The basic configuration includes electric windows, central locking, electrically heated mirrors, heated fuel filters and fuel intakes.

– The glove box and niches for small items and documents are substantially bigger. The convenience of the driver in the dark is enhanced by the use of modern lighting (including LEDs) produced by Osvar and Hella.

Reliability, fuel economy and functionality

– The vehicle is based on the upgraded chassis with 50 changes that greatly improve the basic parameters of the truck. Ural has become even more powerful and economical. The maximum load on the front axle is increased from 5.3 tons up to 6.5 tons, the payload capacity of the chassis grew from 12 to 13 tons. The permissible gross vehicle weight is increased up to 22.5 t, the GVW of the train is up to 38 tons. Due to modernization of the transfer case the input torque has been increased by 1.4 times, the average fuel consumption was reduced by 8%. The base powertrain lineup for the Ural Next is a new YaMZ-536 diesel engine with the power of 240, 285, 312 h. p.

– The increased strength of the chassis is achieved through the use of a reinforced frame for the long-base versions. Upgraded axles, designed to improving the durability of mechanisms allowed to increase their service life. Application of the propeller shafts with a new design allows you to double the transmitted torque and significantly extend the life of the driveline.

– The handling and safety of the car are significantly improved. The RBL integral steering mechanism with the built-in booster reduces the steering effort, improve the steering informativity and active safety, reduce maintenance and repairs costs. The pneumatic transfer box and the parking brake system increase the ease of operation and reliability. The trucks have a pneumatic high-performance brake system with Wabco components. Transverse differential lock of the middle and rear axles with pneumatic drive allows to overcome the most difficult off-road conditions. On request, vehicles are equipped with manual transmission made by YaMZ or ZF.

Vadim Sorokin, GAZ Group President:

– The development of Ural Next is the result of successful cooperation between enterprises and design services of GAZ Group. The cabin for the new generation Ural ATV was designed by the United Engineering Center based on the GAZelle Next and GAZon Next cabins, the serial production of the Ural cabin module will be conducted at the facilities of the Gorky Automobile Plant in the same flow with other GAZ cabins, the YAMZ-536 engine was developed at our Yaroslavl Motor Plant. The Ural engineers used the unique experience of developing vehicles for operation in extremely hard road conditions at very low temperatures, implementing at the same time a lot of innovations making the vehicle not only functional but also very comfortable. The outcome of cooperation between the GAZ Divisions was the truck of the new generation that completely satisfies the requirements of the customers representing various sectors of the national economy.

Victor Kadylkin, Ural Plant Managing Director:

– We continue developing the model range and to improve the characteristics of our vehicles. Focusing on the demands of our customers, we have created a vehicle of the new generation Ural Next that will help to increase the share of Ural trucks in the Russian heavy-duty truck segment. Ural Next is characterized by its modern look and interior, кcomfortable cabin, easy drivability, improved performance characteristics – increased maneuverability and durability plus reduced fuel consumption. At the same time, the vehicle has retained its traditional high off-road capabilities. Thus, our vehicle range has been extended with a new product awaited by the customers in all the sectors of the economy that traditionally use the Ural trucks– construction, oil and gas extraction, forest industry, mining, public utilities, etc.