Η Porsche έξω από το μουσείο της στο Zuffenhausen της Γερμανίας έχει τοποθετήσει ένα γλυπτό πάνω στο οποίο έχει τοποθετήσει 3 γενιές 911. Το Inspiration 911 όπως το έχει ονομάσει αποτελείται από τρεις κολόνες, με την κάθε μια να έχει στην άκρη της, από μια 911. Έχει ύψος 24 μέτρα και είναι δημιουργία του Βρετανού καλλιτέχνη Gerry Judah.

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Sculpture launched with spectacular show on the Porscheplatz

“Inspiration 911”

Stuttgart. The heart of Porsche beats in Zuffenhausen. It was here in 1963 that the first 911 rolled off the assembly line. No other sports car sparks as much fascination, no other vehicle thrills more automobile enthusiasts worldwide. It is the essence of the Porsche marque. Taking inspiration from this heritage, the British artist Gerry Judah has created a sculpture. It consists of three pillars up to the height of 24 m, each crowned with a Porsche 911 mounted at the top. The vehicles hail from different 911 generations as a tribute to the history of the classic. The sculpture on Porscheplatz will become the new centrepiece for visitors from all over the world.

This evening marked the public presentation of the sculpture entitled “Inspiration 911”. Cordoned off specifically for the occasion, the Porscheplatz offered an impressive setting. A combination of lightshow, film and vehicle choreography. With the glass facade of the Porsche Museum used as a screen, the film clips could be projected on to an area of more than 200m². A moving display included vehicles that are also components of the art piece: An F-series from 1970, a G-series from 1981 as well as the latest generation 911. Spectacular light effects utilising the special architecture of the museum fascinated spectators. As a finale, the current model range of Porsche was showcased to guests on the grandstands.

Matthias Müller, CEO of Porsche AG, said during his address at the event: “The sculpture that we present today is more than a work of art. It is also a symbol for our company’s close ties with Stuttgart.” In recent years, Porsche has invested around one billion Euros in facilities in the greater Stuttgart area. Furthermore, an additional 1.1 billion Euros have been earmarked for the recently-established safeguarding of locations – a large proportion of which is to be invested in Zuffenhausen. The commitment to the Swabian roots could not be clearer.

Please note: Images of the presentation of the “Inspiration 911” sculpture are available for accredited journalists on the Porsche press database under the Internet address https://presse.porsche.de. For further information please go to Porsche Newsroom http://newsroom.porsche.com