Με την δεύτερη σεζόν του FIA Formula E Championship να ξεκινά στις 24 Οκτωβρίου στο Πεκίνο και τις δοκιμές πριν την έναρξη της σεζόν να έχουν ήδη ολοκληρωθεί, η διοργανώτρια αρχή ανακοίνωσε ότι αυξάνει την μέγιστη επιτρεπόμενη ιπποδύναμη των μονοθεσίων από τα 201 άλογα, στα 228.

Η αύξηση αυτή, ήρθε έπειτα από συνεννόηση με την Williams Advanced Engineering που παρέχει τις μπαταρίες στις ομάδες και αφού αυτή έκανε μία σειρά tests για να εξακριβώσει ότι όλα λειτουργούν όπως πρέπει. Ωστόσο, η μέγιστη επιτρεπόμενη ιπποδύναμη κατά τις περιόδους δοκιμών και χρονομετρημένων, παραμένει στα 268 άλογα.

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Race mode power hike for season two

The FIA Formula E Championship has increased the maximum power of the battery in race mode to 170kW for season two of the all-electric racing series.

The change has been introduced following a number of tests by Williams Advanced Engineering, the sole battery supplier for Formula E, to assess the feasibility of a 30 per cent power increase. The batteries were initially designed to meet season one technical specifications of a maximum power of 133kW. This was later increased to 150kW ahead of the inaugural season.

Maximum power of 200kW will still be available during practice and qualifying sessions. The amount of energy that can be delivered to the powertrain by the RESS will remain limited to 28kWh.

Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag said: “The development of future battery technologies is fundamental to the ethos of the championship. Formula E is all about showcasing the progression of electric vehicle technology and thanks to the battery development from Williams Advanced Engineering we will see faster, more efficient and exciting racing this coming season.”

Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering, said: “Formula E is all about pushing electric vehicle technology to its limits and showcasing its evolution to the public. Williams Advanced Engineering is working on a diverse portfolio of electric and hybrid vehicle projects and the learnings from Formula E are invaluable in developing our technology.

During season two the batteries will now be operating at 30 per cent more power than they were initially designed for and we have upgraded certain components and worked closely with the teams to make sure that this is sustainable without significantly affecting reliability.”

The opening race of the second season of the FIA Formula E Championship takes place in Beijing on October 24.