Volvo V90 Cross Country with Polestar Performance Optimisation

H Polestar μετά τα Volvo XC90, S90 και V90, παρουσιάζει τα πακέτα μηχανικής βελτίωσης και για το V90 Cross Country. Αυτά είναι διαθέσιμα για τους D4, D5 και T6 κινητήρες, με τον πρώτο από τα 190 άλογα με τα 295 Nm ροπής, να δυναμώνει στα 200 άλογα με 325 Nm ροπής, με τον D5 να παράγει πλέον 240 άλογα με 369 Nm ροπής, ενώ ο T6 από τα 320 άλογα και τα 295 Nm ροπής, φτάνει τα 334 άλογα με 325 Nm ροπής.

Volvo V90 Cross Country with Polestar Performance Optimisation

Η εταιρία βελτιώνει επίσης την απόκριση του γκαζιού και τις αλλαγές ταχυτήτων, ώστε τα αυτοκίνητα να παραδίδουν στους οδηγούς “μια πιο συναρπαστική εμπειρία οδήγησης“.

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Polestar optimises the latest Volvo Cars model

The latest generation Polestar Performance Optimisation is now available for the new Volvo V90 Cross Country, taking the performance and drivability further in five key areas of the rugged and refined estate.

”To include the V90 Cross Country, a true adventure crossover, in our optimisation programme is a vital part of our operation to further expand on Volvo Cars’ new SPA vehicle architecture. Our product provides performance-oriented customers with a new level of driving pleasure,” said Niels Möller, Chief Operating Officer of Polestar.

The optimisation, available for the V90 Cross Country T6, D5 and D4 models* to begin with, does not only increase engine performance but affects a total of five areas for a more dynamic driving experience.

The main focus for the optimisation is on the mid-range, the area most often used in everyday driving. Connected to this is a new calibration of the gearbox, including faster shifts, in order to support the increased performance, making for a more engaging driving experience.

”Our focus is as always on creating usable performance, just as when we develop our racing cars to win championships. This is made possible by treating the entire powertrain, including engine, gearbox, throttle response and more, as one unit when developing our optimisations,” said Thed Björk, who drives a Volvo S60 Polestar TC1 with Drive-E technology in the 2016 FIA World Touring Car Championship.

Alongside the release for the V90 Cross Country, further engine options have been made available* for the Polestar Optimisation such as the Volvo XC90 D4.

Visit our model overview to see if your Volvo can be Polestar optimised and learn more about the five unique features of the latest generation Polestar optimisation here.

* = Release timing and availability may vary; contact your local Volvo dealer for further information.