H Audi ανακοίνωσε ότι στην έκθεση του Πεκίνου θα κάνει 3 παγκόσμιες πρεμιέρες. Εκεί θα παρουσιαστούν η μακριά έκδοση του A6, το RS Q3 Concept και ακόμη ένα πρωτότυπο του Q3. Το A6 L θα πωλείται αποκλειστικά στη Κινέζικη αγορά και θα έχει μακρύτερο μεταξόνιο κατά 10-15 mm σε σχέση με το απλό A6. Σε ότι αφορά το πρωτότυπο Q3, η Audi δεν αναφέρει τίποτα, αλλά ίσως πρόκειται για κάποια coupe ή cabrio έκδοση του.

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Live from Beijing: Three Audi world premieres at Auto China

  • Monday, April 23, 2012, 05:00 (CET): World premiere of an Audi A6 L technology platform, the Audi RS Q3 concept and another show car based on the Audi Q3

Audi remains on its growth course in the Chinese market and is now once again turning its eyes to China: The Company together with its joint venture partner FAW will be represented at Auto China 2012 in Beijing from April 23 to May 2. In addition to the world premiere of an Audi A6 L technology platform, Audi is presenting two show cars based on the Audi Q3, one of which is the RS Q3 concept. The Audi press conference on April 23 will be available to you live via satellite and as a video recording.

Audi Press Conference with World Premieres Monday, April 23, 2012 11:00 (EST), 05:00 (CET) Beijing

You can record the event by downlink with the satellite coordinates. A comprehensive list of the various downlink options is enclosed at the end of this communication.

A video recording will be available to you following the press conference at www.audi-mediaservices.com/beijing2012.

You can watch the recording of the press conference on your iPhone using the AudiMedia app, and on your iPhone or iPad with the Audi MediaKiosk app. Audi MediaKiosk also includes press releases, news and press kits for the entire model range. More information about the Audi apps and how to download them is available at http://bit.ly/audi_media_apps.

AudiMedia-Beijing: The mobile press portal for smartphones and tablets will provide complete information on show highlights beginning April 23, 2012. Media representatives will get the press kit and a diagram of the stand delivered conveniently to their mobile devices in English and Chinese. Entering the password “audi-media” in the “Contact” section gives you access to Audi Communications contacts in Beijing. To access the mobile portal on your smartphone or tablet, follow the link www.audimedia-beijing.mobi or scan the QR code at the end of this release.

TV footage is available for you at www.audi-mediaservices.com. You will also find further information about the Audi Press Conference there, together with photos and the web video.

Please contact Florian Otto of TV Communications if interested (florian.otto@audi.de, Tel: +49 841 89-47562). If you require technical support for your TV, web TV or radio productions on location in Ingolstadt, please contact Audi Communications in good time.

Information for TV stations Satellite broadcast: International Automotive Exhibition 2012 Beijing, China

Live feed to start at appx 05:00 CET (= 03:00 GMT) to be followed by footage at the end of the live transmission

Encoding: MPEG2/ 4:2:2 / DVB-S2 / 8PSK modulation with 25% roll off SR 14.000 msym/sec FEC 3/4 clear key / pilot off

Audio: Ch 1: Original show mix Ch 2: English commentary guide

Europe / Middle East HD April 23, 2012 ; 04:45 – 05:45 CET ( = 02:45 – 03:45 UTC/GMT) Eutelsat 10A– at 10° East 18MHz ku band Txp. B1 – Channel 1+2 Downlink Frequency: 11.000,500 MHZ Downlink Polarisation: horizontal (X) Video Standard: 1080i/50Hz HD feed

USA / Canada / South America HD April 22, 2012; 10:45 – 23:45 ET ( = April 23: 02:45 – 03:45 UTC/GMT) IS-805 at 304.5° East (or 55.5°West) 18MHz c-band Txp. 13/13 – Channel E+F Downlink Frequency: 3914.000 MHZ Downlink Polarisation: vertical (Y) Video Standard: 1080i/59.9Hz HD feed

Middle East / Asia / Australia HD April 23, 2012 ; 02:45 – 03:45 UTC/GMT Asiasat 5 at 100.5° East 18MHz c-band Txp. C14H – Channel 3+4 Downlink Frequency: 4169.000 MHZ Downlink Polarisation: horizontal (X) Video Standard: 1080i/50Hz HD feed

Scan the QR code to go to the mobile portal AudiMedia-Beijing.