Mercedes Citan Extra-Long Wheelbase (1)

Η Mercedes παρουσιάζει την πολύ μακρυά έκδοση του Citan. Διαθέσιμη τόσο σε επαγγελματική όσο και σε Ι.Χ, το Citan με το πολύ μακρύ μεταξόνιο, έχει 4,705 μέτρα μήκος και μπορεί να μεταφέρει έως 7 επιβάτες. Ο χώρος αποσκευών φτάνει τα 300 με 400 λίτρα, που μπορεί να φτάσει μέχρι και τα 3.500 λίτρα.

Mercedes Citan Extra-Long Wheelbase (2)

Μηχανικά φορά τον 1.500αρη diesel κινητήρα της Renault, απόδοσης 90 ίππων με 200 Nm ροπής και 110 ίππων με 240 Nm ροπής. Στη Γερμανία το μοντέλο ξεκινά από τις 19.400 ευρώ.

Mercedes Citan Extra-Long Wheelbase (4) Mercedes Citan Extra-Long Wheelbase (3)

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Mercedes-Benz Citan: product range expanded – Seven at one stroke: the new Citan Combined Extra Long with up to seven seats

  • Human and material exchange, practical taxi or mixed use
  • Third row with two folding single seats
  • Versatile practitioner: luggage cover and lashing lugs as standard
  • Available in stores now

The city van Mercedes-Benz Citan is starting to get instantly in the variant Combi Extra long as a seven-seater. Special attention deserves its high flexibility thanks to the variable usable interior space.
Human and material exchange, practical taxi or mixed use

The new model variant aimed at the alternate transport of people and material in commercial use, for use as a taxi and on the mixed-use for professional and private purposes: As a highly flexible combination of up to seven seats, the Citan meets the diverse needs. Its base is the extra-long version (length 4705 mm) of the Citan with 2.2 tonnes gross vehicle weight.

Third row from two adjustable individual seats

The new third-row seats in Citan is composed of two individual seats. They are independent of each other in the longitudinal direction by 130 mm and can be folded and removed individually as needed. The full-sized individual seats are also suitable for adult traveling companions. The places are easily accessible by the seats folded down in the middle row of seats. The passengers in the back row are also shelves in the side panels available.

The new Citan as a combined extra-long with up to seven seats convinced by the highest variability. Depending on the position of the single seats summarizes the cargo space behind it between 300 and 400 liters of luggage. If the third-row seats removed with little effort, the cargo compartment of Citan grows If you fold in addition to the average three-seat bench at 2200 l, 3500 l are even storage space available.

Versatile practitioner: luggage cover and lashing lugs as standard

The Citan is a real practitioner, which emphasizes the standard equipment of the combined extra-long inter alia with a flexible cover of the cargo hold and rings in the floor to secure the load in folded or dismantled seats. The new model variant is available in two engine levels as Citan 109 CDI (power 66 kW/90 hp) and as Citan 111 CDI (81 kW/110 hp) and is available in stores now. The basic price amounts to 19,400 Euros plus VAT.