Nobuharu Matsushita

Μια νέα προσθήκη κάνει στις τάξεις της η McLaren. Αυτό δεν αφορά κάποιον επίσημο οδηγό, από τη στιγμή που οι Fernando Alonso και Jenson Button έχουν συμβόλαιο θα μείνουν στο Woking το 2016, αλλά τη θέση του δοκιμαστή, με τον Nobuharu Matsushita να είναι το νέο πρόσωπο στη βρετανική ομάδα.

Είναι λογικό να μη γνωρίζεις τον Matsushita, γι’ αυτό και σου λέω πως κατάγεται από την Ιαπωνία (αυτονόητο νομίζω), είναι 22 ετών και πέρυσι αγωνίστηκε στο GP2, ενώ πριν από το 2015 έτρεχε στη Formula 3 της Ιαπωνίας. Ο Matsushita θα δουλέψει πάνω στον προσομοιωτή και μαζί με τους μηχανικούς. Στην ουσία είναι ο τέταρτος οδηγός, πίσω από τους Alonso, Button και τον αναπληρωτή οδηγό Stoffel Vandoorne.

Δηλώσεις του Matsushita και του επί κεφαλής της McLaren Racing, Eric Boullier, θα βρεις στο δελτίου Τύπου που ακολουθεί.

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Nobuharu Matsushita becomes McLaren-Honda test and development driver

Posted on Saturday, 20 Feb 2016 09:00 (GMT)
McLaren-Honda is pleased to announce that Nobuharu Matsushita has joined the team as test and development driver.

The Japanese driver will focus on simulator support and engineering work to underline the efforts of our race drivers, Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso, as well as reserve driver Stoffel Vandoorne.

His appointment showcases the collaboration that exists between McLaren Racing and Honda to discover, train and give opportunity to young and promising racing drivers. The 22-year-old won the All-Japan Formula 3 Championship in 2014 then graduated to GP2 for 2015 – racing for ART Grand Prix, alongside eventual champion Vandoorne.

In ’16, he hopes to endorse his credentials with a tilt at the 2016 GP2 title, which he will again contest with ART.

“This season I am ecstatic to be joining the McLaren-Honda F1 team as a test and development driver,” said Matsushita. “To step into the world of Formula 1 fulfils a boyhood dream, and is a huge step forward in my career. I will do the utmost to help the race team on the track, by gathering data to feed back into the development and set-up of the car through simulator work.

“Last year’s GP2 Series season was a steep learning curve for me,” he added. “It was my first year racing in Europe – but, thankfully, my experiences with Honda’s young driver programme meant I was well prepared for the task ahead.

“As a GP2 Series driver, my sole focus for 2016 is to win the championship. I believe that I have the best package around me to succeed and reach my ultimate goal of becoming a Formula 1 driver.”

McLaren-Honda racing director Eric Boullier added: “Nobu’s first season racing in Europe showed great promise – he produced some extremely impressive performances, and with experience and consistency, will surely build on that potential in 2016. His position as a McLaren-Honda test and development driver will be extremely important – he’ll underline and corroborate the learning we acquire at the track, and will play a key role in improving our performance throughout 2016.”