H Michelin πρόσφατα διοργάνωσε το event TyreSafe όπου πήγε δύο Mercedes C-Class Estate σε ένα παγοδρόμιο για να μα δείξει την διαφορά που έχει ένα χειμερινό ελαστικό σε σχέση με ένα καλοκαιρινό πάνω στον πάγο. Εκεί οι Γάλλοι έδειξαν τις διαφορές που έχουνε τα δύο ελαστικά στο φρενάρισμα και στις στροφές.

Στο τεστ φρεναρίσματος για παράδειγμα, η C-Class με τα χειμερινά ελαστικά σταματά όταν πάει με 25 χλμ/ώρα σε 7.1 μέτρα ενώ με τα καλοκαιρινά σε 9.75 μέτρα, διαφορά της τάξης του 40%. Σκέψου τι διαφορά θα έχει άμα πηγαίνεις με 100 χλμ/ώρα.

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Michelin winter tyres taken to the rink to highlight safety benefits

In a recent test organised by Tyresafe, two Michelin-shod Mercedes C-Class estates took to an ice rink to show the difference in performance between summer and winter tyres.

In the tests, which were filmed, the two cars were used to highlight the differences in braking distance and cornering performance between the standard-fitment summer tyres and Michelin’s Primacy Alpin winter tyres.

The braking test was done from 15mph to zero and the results showed that the car fitted with the winter tyres stopped in 7.01 metres compared to the summer tyre-shod car’s 9.75 metres: a difference of 40 per cent. Just imagine the difference at 70mph!

The cornering test also highlighted big differences as the cars were driven through a corner made up of cones at the same speed. The car on summer tyres suffered from high levels of understeer as grip was lost and it could not complete the manoeuvre. In comparison, the car fitted with winter tyres drove safely around the corner.

Based on the two previous winters and with some forecasters predicting another harsh one, motorists are urged to think seriously about fitting winter tyres to ensure they stay safe and mobile over this difficult driving period.