H Lancia ανακοίνωσε ότι στην έκθεση της Μπολόνια (3-11 Δεκεμβρίου) εκτός από τα Delta Musa, Thema, Voyager και Flavia Cabrio που είδαμε στη Φρανκφούρτη, θα παρουσιάσει και την έκδοση Black&Red της νέας Ypsilon. H Lancia δηλώνει ότι η έκδοση έχει σχεδιαστεί για νεαρούς άνδρες που προτιμούν ένα αυτοκίνητο με σπορ στυλ και καλό ηχοσύστημα.

Το αυτοκίνητο είναι διαθέσιμο με 2 κινητήρες, τον 1.200αρη Fire EVO II βενζίνης 69 ίππων και τον MultiJet II 1.300αρη turbodiesel απόδοσης 95 ίππων και 4 χρώματα (Argilla Red,  Fiamma Red, Vulcano Black και το δίχρωμο Argilla Red και Vulcano Black).

Το εσωτερικό του έχει δίχρωμη ταπετσαρία και στον στάνταρ εξοπλισμό διαθέτει ζάντες 15″, σκουρόχρωμα παράθυρα, ABS + EBD, ESC με ASR, Hill Holder, πλευρικούς αερόσακους, χειροκίνητο κλιματισμό, ρυθμιζόμενο καθ’ύψος κάθισμα οδηγού και 360° Hi-Fi Music system.

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Δελτίο Τύπου

Lancia at the 2011 Bologna Motor Show

Lancia is back at the Bologna Motor Show with a stand full of charm and elegance, where it is possible to admire its latest innovations with which it is winning back the turf of exclusivity that has always belonged to it. This affirmation is backed by a century-old history peppered with innovation and records. One of the widest ranges on the international scene proves it. It starts with segment B (new Ypsilon), continues with the mid-sized segment (new Delta and Musa), and is completed with the flagship (new Thema), the Large MPVs (new Voyager) and, soon to come, the alluring segment D convertibles (new Flavia Cabrio).

They are, without exception, unique products that eloquently express the values shared by Lancia and Chrysler, which by now have become a single identity founded on the same will to excel in the future and on the values engraved in their respective century-old histories: design and innovation. It is precisely the “dual spirit” theme essential to the union between Lancia and Chrysler that is the concept around which the exhibition area is set up, breathing life into a sinuous motion of expressive shapes and languages in a continuous alternation between black and white, and between technology and performance on the one hand and style and elegance on the other. This stimulating stand lets the public discover the new automotive dynasty that contains the best of two industrial cultures: the exuberant style, flair for delivering a “stress-free experience” and functionality all associated with Chrysler, coupled with the elegance, innovation and love of manufacturing that have always distinguished Lancia.

Star of the stand at the Bologna Motor Show is the new Lancia Ypsilon Black&Red available with the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and 95 HP turbodiesel 1.3 MultiJet II engines. Offered at the same price as the Gold trim level, this new trim level is designed as an alternative for a younger target that prefers contents associated with sporty style and audio technology, as demonstrated by the 360° Hi-Fi Music system, 15″ alloy rims and the privacy windows. The new Ypsilon Black&Red is characterised by four body colours (Argilla Red, Vulcano Black, three-layer Fiamma Red and two-tone Argilla Red with Vulcano Black roof) and by only one youthful and lively interior where the alternating red and black elements stand out. The new Ypsilon Black&Red is opposed to the concept of “monotonous – monochrome”. If, in fact, monotonous is someone who always behaves in the same way, who does not dare and always prefers the same colour, the customer who chooses the Ypsilon Black&Red is distinctive because, by definition and in terms of content, the new version is not monochrome/monotonous. An Ypsilon Platinum 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir representing the extensive range of the Lancia “mini flagship” is also on display next to the two new Black&Red vehicles.

Offered for the first time with five doors to welcome lovers of charm, technological excellence and the unique style of Lancia with enhanced comfort, the new Ypsilon is a true “concentrate” of elegance, technology and power in just 3.8 metres. It has been on the major European markets since June, and starting in September will be sold under the Chrysler brand in Great Britain and Ireland.

Twenty-five years and more than a million and a half cars on the road later, the new Lancia “mini flagship” confirms the basic personality of previous versions, comprising a distinctive character that seduces with its good looksand elegance, boosted by cutting-edge technology applied to engines and comfort which not only delivers reduced emissions and consumption – thanks to technologies such as TwinAir, MultiJet II and Start&Stop – but also offers optimum comfort through features unique in this category, including the brand new “Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE” and the “Smart fuel” system, in addition to the innovative Magic Parking, Xenon headlights and LED tail lights.

The spotlights are also trained on the new Thema and the best Voyager ever, the first two models resulting from the Lancia and Chrysler alliance that recently won a major accolade. The flagship in fact has won the prestigious 5-star Euro NCAP, the top score that this independent consortium has been awarding since 1997 after testing vehicle safety. In the same evaluation session the Lancia Voyager achieved four stars – just verging on the potential five – which is a significant improvement compared to the model tested in 2007.

A Thema Executive with the new 239 HP 3.0L V6 MultiJet II and a Voyager Gold 163 HP 2.8L DS Common Rail, both with trim levels in fine leather combined with elegant body colours, are on display in Bologna. The same desire to offer a true alternative in the respective market segments is at the heart of the two new models. In fact, if on the one hand the flagship represents a new idea of technological perfection “dressed” with elegance and Italian style, on the other the Voyager is the maximum expression of the space shared between excitement and driving experience.

With a heritage of values in its DNA, Lancia is favoured over other brands for its ability to interpret this new world of exclusiveness and to meet the needs of a customer more attentive to technology, who demands not only a substantial product, but also a distinctive and unique style. Besides, whoever chooses a Lancia vehicle starts a new trend because he follows only his own personality. The new Thema and Voyager, statements of a concrete value Lancia is introducing to the market for the first time, have been created for this customer. This value is not meant as innovation for innovation’s sake, but as technology “at the service” of driver and passengers, offered at an accessible price and above all free from excess and what is superfluous. The new Thema and Voyager are therefore the first concrete example of how it is possible to join two worlds so geographically distant yet so close in their essence. This perfect alchemy expertly combines the American exterior shape embellished with interiors clearly marked by Italian taste; powerful engines according to the best American tradition “softened” by European eco-friendly efficiency; typically American large dimensions combined with Italian expertise in compact cars; “stars and stripes” comfort and versatility enhanced by exceptional European handling.

Available in three trim levels (Gold, Platinum and Executive) and two engine versions (the Pentastar 286 HP V6 3.6L petrol engine with e-shift 8-speed automatic gearbox and the new MultiJet II 190 HP and 239 HP 3.0L V6 engine equipped with 5-speed automatic gearbox), the new Lancia Thema offers an attractive price list which corresponds to equipment of great value in this market segment. The largest wealth of features ever offered in the safety field is proof of that. In fact, there are more than 70 systems installed on the new Lancia flagship, including Adaptive Speed Control (ACC) that adjusts the speed and automatically brakes to maintain the safety distance and “Blind Spot Detection” which signals entry of a vehicle into the blind spot or Forward Collision (front impact prevention) whose sensor positioned on the lower part of the front bumper picks up and informs the driver of potentially dangerous distances. Together with many others available or offered as standard depending on the trim level, all these systems make the Thema one of the safest cars on the market, as the 5-star Euro NCAP recently awarded to it shows.

Also contributing to making the Thema the new paradigm of the segment are the sun roof, the largest in its market segment with a 70% glass surface, and the U-ConnectTM system with 8.4″ touchscreen, the largest and most highly advanced of its category that manages all the onboard functions of the car. And that’s not all. The first global flagship boasts a passenger compartment that is a true best-in-class living room thanks to its interiors in Nappa leather and real wood inserts. Also its level of quiet is outstanding. It is embellished with quality materials that make it warm and exclusive, the result of a historical craftsmanship that only Italian style can provide. So if the Thema marks a new chapter in the legendary history of the large Lancia saloons, the new Voyager is the evolution of a Chrysler invention born in 1984 that has totaled more than 13 million units in 120 countries around the world. Today, thanks to the alliance between the two brands, the result is the best Voyager ever, a top-of-the-range MPV that takes up the baton from the Lancia Phedra to write another page in the history of this category.

In Italy, the Lancia Voyager is offered in the unique and exclusive Gold version equipped with the 163 HP 2.8L Euro 5 Common Rail diesel engine developed by VM and Fiat. The vehicle is equipped standard with a wealth of equipment that includes, on the exterior, 17″ diamond-cut alloy wheels and black roof bars, while the interior flaunts front and rear seats upholstered in high quality leather complete with heating function, in addition to being adjustable with electric controls (front seats only). The steering wheel with audio controls and gear lever knob are also upholstered in leather. The Voyager’s interior was conceived as a cozy and comfortable living room. It is at the same time sturdy and flexible owing to the Stow’n Go system patented by Chrysler that allows the second and third rows of seats to be stowed away inside the floor, delivering a record capacity of 4,100 litres.

Completing the standard equipment of the new Lancia Voyager are more than 40 active and passive safety features (ESC, 6 airbags, cruise control, fog lights, automatic headlights, Blind Spot and Cross Path detection and active pedestrian protection). There are also many contents that guarantee maximum comfort on board and travelling pleasure, including the automatic three-zone climate control system, electric adjustments of seats and pedals, and the U-ConnectTM hands-free system with iPod/MP3 that integrates the navigation function and the rear camera for parking assistance. The door mirrors (heated), side doors and tailgate are also electrically adjustable.

The launch of the new Lancia continues with the development of iconic models. This is evident in the New Delta, a milestone Lancia model which heralded a new concept, bringing the attributes of a flagship to segment C. Its 4.5 metres pack in all the luxury and interior space of a higher category: the seats recline into chaise-longues, the upholstery reveals quality textures and passengers are cocooned by an almost magical comfort and silence on every journey. Recently updated with the 2011 range, today the new version fitted out with the 120 HP EURO 5 bi-fuel petrol and LPG 1.4 Turbo Jet engine is making its debut in Italy. It will be available on all European markets in three different trim levels (Steel, Silver and Gold).

Completing the display in Bologna is the Musa, which expresses the best Made in Italy craftsmanship capable of combining the comfort, room and class of a limousine with the agility and compactness of a city car. The model on display is a 95 HP Platinum 1.4 16v (Euro 5) with Start&Stop supplied as standard, distinguished by a two-tone body (Angelico White/Masaccio Black).

Finally, visitors will be introduced to the products of FGA Capital, a finance company specialising in the automotive segment, through illustrative materials and certain dedicated publications handed out at the stand. The finance company operates in Italy (with the Sava and Leasys-Savarent brands) and across Europe with a sole mission: supporting the sales of all Fiat Group Automobiles brand vehicles, and therefore of Lancia, by offering innovative financial products with high added value services dedicated to the dealership network, private customers and companies.

New Ypsilon Black&Red, the alternative to monotony

The new Black&Red version of Lancia Ypsilon, available with the 69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and the turbodiesel 95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II engines, debuts at the Bologna Motor Show. Offered at the same price as the Gold trim level, the new trim level is designed as an alternative for a younger and male target that prefers contents associated with sporty style and audio technology.

The team at the Lancia Style Centre has paid special attention to the Ypsilon Black&Red’s refined colour scheme, starting with the four body colours available: Argilla Red, Vulcano Black, three-layer Fiamma Red and the two-tone Argilla Red with Vulcano Black roof. In line with the exteriors, the new version offers only one youthful and lively interior where the alternating red and black elements for seats, dashboard and door panels stand out. So the latest “mini flagship” trim level confirms that colour for the Ypsilon model is not just a matter of good looks, but an integral part of a product philosophy which has among its constituent elements, elegance, glamour, personality, fun, creativity, style and the greatest possibility for customisation.

In detail, the Ypsilon Black&Red offers standard manual climate control, 360° Hi-Fi Music system, 15″ alloy rims, privacy windows, radio and CD/MP3 player, door opening remote control, height-adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows, 50/50 split rear seat and height-adjustable driver seat. In terms of safety, ABS + EBD, ESC (Electronic Stability Control) complete with ASR and Hill Holder, front and side airbags, and Isofix attachments are offered as standard.

So if the Ypsilon Black&Red is an added plus for a young customer, the Gold trim level continues to be the ideal solution for more mature customers that require more contents associated with comfort, personalisation and special attention to details, as the Comfort Pack, steering wheel and leather-trimmed gear-lever gaiter, electric door mirrors and the refined Castiglio upholstery demonstrate. Finally, the debut of the Ypsilon Black&Red is accompanied by an original communication campaign on various BTL media. In particular, the poster of the “I’ll leave the boredom to you” concept will be made. It shows colourless objects and situations without liveliness, with the final invitation to break away from monotony and choose the Ypsilon Black&Red that by definition and in terms of content is not monochrome/monotonous.

The model in brief

The new Lancia Ypsilon is a “mini flagship” – which packs the best of Italian style, innovation and eco-friendliness into just 3.84 metres. For the first time it is offered in a 5-door version designed to offer even greater convenience and comfort to devotees of Lancia charm, technological excellence and unique style.

At the heart of the Ypsilon’s design is an original approach to the “premium” car concept that redefines the meaning of the word “elegance” that as it is freed of excesses and superfluous elements, becomes pure essence. The result is a car that seduces those who seek originality and character, those who love technology and elegance, and those who admire quality and innovation.

The new Ypsilon, which will be on the market from June across key European markets and from September in Great Britain and Ireland with the Chrysler brand, is the fourth series of the successful model – over one and a half million vehicles currently on the road – born in 1985 when the Y10 debuted at the Geneva Motor Show. It was a miniature flagship with style and content features never seen before on an economy car of the day, marking that pioneering spirit that was to accompany the model until today. It was the Lancia Y’s turn in 1996: elegant, elite, with a strong personality that reinforced the concept of “customized luxury”. And so to 2003 when the third generation, the Lancia Ypsilon, brought to the world of city-cars the technology and “class” till then exclusively reserved for models in higher segments.

Now the baton is taken up by the new Ypsilon, which confirms it is the “Fashion City-Car” par excellence that continues to charm with its personality, sophisticated style and unconventional class, but it has become more grown up and mature, with a wider appeal. And below this polished exterior bearing the prestigious “Made in Italy” label lies all the substance of a car that boasts cutting-edge technology applied to engines as recently confirmed by the four awards given to the TwinAir engine in the “International Engine of the Year” competition. This innovative engine surpassed the competition in all the categories where it competed, and it took the “International Engine of the Year 2011” title. In addition to the TwinAir, the engineering excellence of the new Ypsilon continues with the MultiJet II and Start&Stop “eco-friendly” systems and the unique features in this category that include the brand-new “Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE” and “Smart fuel system”, in addition to the innovative second-generation Magic Parking, Bi-Xenon headlights and LED taillights.

A refined and innovative Italian “5-door” with the look typical of a “3-door”, the new Ypsilon is a very compact car, so much so that it remains in segment “B” but with high standards of roominess and comfort: although just 384 cm long, 167 cm wide and 152 cm high, with a wheelbase of 239 cm, the New Ypsilon can accommodate up to five people and in relation to its size, has one of the most spacious boots in its segment and is one of the best in class in terms of passenger room. Without increasing the size of the rear passenger area, excellent accessibility and comfort have been achieved with the use of “slim seats”, a technology used here for the first time by Fiat Group Automobiles.

In this way the New Ypsilon continues its domination of the key city-car category in response both to recent market trends where the “5-door” market represents two-thirds of segment B, and to the needs of a broader target than that reached until now, including young men and young families. It is precisely regarding the quality, comfort and usability of the interiors that the new car is determined to make all the difference. Hop inside and you become aware of the refined materials and colour combinations, the attention to detail and the numerous options for customization.

The range includes more than 600 customisations generated by the combination of 3 trim levels (Silver, Gold, Black&Red and Platinum), all built to offer the customer a high product value, 16 elegant colour schemes of which 4 are two-tone, 6 different upholstery trims, 3 types of alloy wheels and 3 engines: 2 petrol (69 HP 1.2 Fire EVO II and 85 HP 0.9 TwinAir, the latter also with DFN semi-automatic gearbox), a turbodiesel (95 HP 1.3 MultiJet II), all equipped with Start&Stop technology as standard. Starting this month the 1.2 Fire EVO II bi-fuel engine (petrol and LPG) is also available. Note that a wealth of equipment in the field of safety is standard on the entire range: electronic stability control complete with ASR and Hill Holder, ABS with EBD, from 4 to 6 airbags (front, window bags and side bags), in addition to Isofix attachments.

Therefore, the new car represents an evolution of the Ypsilon model in terms of technology, safety, comfort and usability, but even so it preserves its positioning of elegant and high-quality car offered at an accessible price. In detail, the Silver trim level provides door opening remote control, height adjustable steering wheel, electric front windows, 50/50 split rear seat, height-adjustable driver seat, 15″ steel wheels, interiors in technical fabric with fitted electro-welded seams, radio set-up and rear heated window. In terms of safety, ABS + EBD, ESC complete with ASR and Hill Holder, front and side airbags, and Isofix attachments are offered as standard (depending on the markets and versions). In addition to this great quantity of equipment, the Gold version adds: manual climate control, radio with CD and MP3 player, electrically adjustable door mirrors, steering wheel and leather-trimmed gear-lever gaiter, Castiglio upholstery and Comfort Pack. Besides the Gold trim level, today the customer can choose the Ypsilon Black&Red that differs owing to its 15″ alloy rims, 360° Hi-Fi Music system and privacy windows. Finally, the Platinum trim level offers the added rear electric windows, fog lights, 15″ alloy wheels, rear seat head restraints and leather upholstery.

In addition, for those eager to customize their Ypsilon and make it truly exclusive, an extensive range of fine, top quality accessories is available. Not only do the accessories offer great style and meticulous attention to detail, but they also go beautifully with the car, in line with the unmistakable Lancia style and in full compliance with technical, stylistic and mechanical characteristics of the new car. From exclusive 16″ alloy wheels, side skirts and tinted headlights to a black kickplate with illuminated logo, a “Blue&Me-TomTom LIVE” navigator and the Accessories Packs.

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