H Kia παρουσίασε το Grand VQ-R, η μακρυά έκδοση του Carnival MPV, κατά την διάρκεια της έκθεση του Πεκίνου. Θα είναι διαθέσιμο μόνο στην αγορά της Κίνας με τις πωλήσεις του να ξεκινούν από τον Σεπτέμβριο. Το Kia Grand VQ-R είναι ένα 3 σειρών καθισμάτων MPV με την 3η σειρά, να μπορεί να αναδιπλωθεί μέσα στο πάτωμα του αυτοκινήτου, αυξάνοντας έτσι τον διαθέσιμο χώρο αποσκευών. Μηχανικά φορά τον 2.2-λίτρων πετρελαιοκινητήρα που φορά το Kia Sorento, απόδοσης 197 ίππων με 435 Nm ροπής ο οποίος συνδυάζεται με ένα 6-τάχυτο αυτόματο κιβώτιο.

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Development Background:

The Grand VQ-R is a long wheelbase version of the popular Carnival minivan (known as ‘Sedona’ in some markets) that has been developed specifically for export to the Chinese market, taking into consideration the current economic environment in China including rising oil prices and the rapidly changing lifestyle trends of Chinese consumers who increasingly spend more leisure time with their families. The Grand VQ-R will also cater to those seeking an executive business vehicle that offers a flexible, roomy space in which to conduct business on the move.


Overall Length: 5,130 mm (320 mm longer than existing short wheelbase VQ)

Wheelbase: 3,020 mm (130 mm longer than existing short wheelbase VQ)

Front Overhang: 975 mm (same as existing short wheelbase VQ)

Rear Overhang: 1,135 (190 mm longer than existing short wheelbase VQ)

Interior Space:

The Grand VQ-R features a very spacious, flexible interior layout with versatile seating arrangement and easy entry/exit thanks to removable 2nd row seats. Luggage space is also easily maximized thanks to the 3rd row sinking seats.


The Grand VQ-R will be equipped with the same competitive R2.2 diesel engine found in the Sorento CUV currently marketed in China. The R2.2 diesel engine found in the Grand VQ-R is coupled with a 6-speed automatic transmission and offers best-in-class power and torque as well as fuel consumption.

Engine Type DOHC turbo diesel
Displacement 2,199
Bore x stroke 85.4 x 96.0
Max. power 197ps @ 3800
Max. torque 44.5kg.m @1800~2500 (A/T)