BMW X4 by Manhart Performance (1)

Η Manhart Performance βελτιώνει την BMW X4 xDrive35d, με τον 3,0-λιτρο turbodiesel κινητήρα να αποδίδει πλέον 375 άλογα με 740 Nm ροπής (313 άλογα, 630 Nm ροπής εργοστασιακές τιμές). Τα 0-100 χλμ/ώρα τα κάνει σε λιγότερο από 5 δευτερόλεπτα, με την εταιρία να τοποθετήσει σπορ χαμηλότερες αναρτήσεις και νέες ζάντες 21″, διαθέσιμες σε ασημί και σε μαύρο χρώμα.

BMW X4 by Manhart Performance (1)

BMW X4 by Manhart Performance (3)

BMW X4 by Manhart Performance (4)

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With the new X4, BMW completed the already large series of X models by adding a further Crossover model and thereby set a little brother with remarkably similar family features next to the successful X6. The BMW experts of Manhart Performance from Wuppertal are already presenting the xDrive35d top model of the brand new sport activity coupé at a first expanded tuning level!
Manhart Performance’s own Concave One light metal wheel rotates in the voluminous wheel arches of the pictured X4, in the prestigious sizes of 9 × 21 inches on the front axle and of 10.5 × 21 inches on the rear axle. As alternative to the “lacquered gunmetal with polished surface” finish that is shown here, this filigree double spoke design is also available in silk-matt black. The dimensions of the pulled up Continental Sport Contact 5P high performance tyres are 255 / 35R21 and 295 / 30R21. Thanks to the Manhart sports lowering kit that reduces the “innate” long-leggedness of the X4 by about 35 millimetres, the wheel / tyre combinations perform particularly well and on top of that, bring about a significant optimisation of the driving dynamics.
The bonnet of the X4 xDrive35d covers the current top engine of the series: Already in serial configuration, the N57D30 turbodiesel system gets 313 HP and 630 newton metres out of its three litre cylinder capacity. The Manhart Performance Kit pushes the surely not weak six inline cylinders to a copious 375 HP and stunning 740 Nm. The Manhart Performance X4 also delivers independent power in abundance in every imaginable driving situation.
Of course, Manhart Performance does not only have a power Upgrade for the top diesel model, it also offers similar improvements in performance for smaller spark ignition engines and for the turbocharged xDrive20i, xDrive28i and xDrive35i petrol engines, the latter delivering 370 HP and 520 newton metres of torque after the Manhart optimisation was completed (serially: 306 HP, 400 Nm).