Ford EcoSport Storm concept

Στην έκθεση του Σάο Πάολο, η Ford παρουσίασε τρία πρωτότυπα EcoSport. To πρώτο ονομάζεται EcoSport Storm και διαθέτει παρόμοια γρίλια με αυτή του F-150 Raptor, μαύρα πλαστικά και ζάντες 15″ με ελαστικά εκτός δρόμου.

Ford EcoSport Beast concept

Το EcoSport Beast concept είναι βαμμένο σε λευκό χρώμα, διαθέτει εισαγωγή αέρα στο καπό, ζάντες 18″, LED προβολείς ομίχλης, πλαινά skirts με μια σχάρα ποδηλάτου να αντικαθιστά τα πίσω καθίσματα.


Τέλος το EcoSport Beauty concept which είναι βαμμένο σε χάλκινο χρώμα, έχει μαύρη οροφή, LED φώτα ομίχλης, ζάντες 18″ και στο εσωτερικό υπάρχουν τέσσερα ατομικά καθίσματα, σύστημα πλοήγησης και σύστημα ψυχαγωγίας για τους πίσω επιβάτες.

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  • The Edge Concept anticipates trends in design and technology of the future production model of the luxury crossover
  • The body color “Copper Flame” displays three bar grille, muscular and compact hood, headlights and LED flashlights
  • The three car show the EcoSport show the ability, versatility and customization possibilities of the SUV

Ford, plus special creations and launchings brings a concept of great worldwide repercussions for the Hall of São Paulo. The Edge Concept anticipates design trends and future production model of the luxury crossover Ford technology. There are also three car show the EcoSport showing the capacity, versatility and customization possibilities of the SUV market leader.

The Storm version, inspired by the F-150 Raptor pickup, was created to convey strength and power, starting with the grid aggressive profile. The paint in the color “Blue Storm”, with details in black and silver, is supplemented by special graphics on the sides. The tires measure 215/75 R15 marshes, the frames of the fenders and the front guard reinforce your profile off-road.

The other two models created by the Design Department of South America follow the theme of “Beauty and The Beast”, highlighting the contrast between luxury and sportiness. The Beauty reexamines the vehicle with sophisticated and urban proposal. These features are highlighted by special paint in matte metallic copper “Copper Stardust”, with graphics and contrasting details, black roof, fog lights in LED and wheels 18 “with low profile tires 235/40 R18. The interior features four individual seats in style armchair upholstered in leather, DVD screens in the headrests and multimedia central with GPS.

The Beast’s version emphasizes the sportiness of the EcoSport, with pearlescent white bodywork “Speed ??White”, contrasting details in blue and orange, three bar grille, fog lamps with four LEDs and 18 “rims with 235/60 R18 tires. The air intake on the hood conveys strength, as well as additional lighting LEDs in the ceiling. The interior has clear technological and multimedia central with GPS and bike racks in place of the rear seats.

Edge Concept

Ford was the brand that created the segment crossovers – vehicles that combine the performance and robustness of a utility with the comfort of luxury cars – and now shows how it will turn out, with Edge Concept. Furthermore design sculpted, fluid and athletic lines, the model incorporates assistance and sensor technologies that make the smartest vehicle, forming the basis for future autonomous direction.

One is the prototype fully automatic parking technology based on the current automatic parking Ford – available now as Fusion and Focus models. The system is perpendicular waves using ultrasonic sensors and allows the driver to park the vehicle at the touch of a button, or by remote control, waiting outside he makes a move.

The Edge Concept also brings obstacle detection, capable of shifting and braking the vehicle to avoid a collision system if the driver fails to respond to warnings, and adaptive power steering, which makes low speed maneuvers. Excluding existing technologies, such as system maintenance on track system for monitoring blind spots, adaptive cruise control with collision warning and brake support.

The body color “Copper Flame” displays three bar grille, muscular and compact hood, headlights and LED flashlights. The interior has fabric “touch screen” 10 inches, compass, clad in black leather dashboard, leather seats with special texture of light color and contrasting color details covering on the instrument panel and carpet. To increase fuel economy, its EcoBoost engine is equipped with start-stop technology and radiator grille with active closure.