Renault Store dealership concepts (2)

Η Renault θα ξεκινήσει να αλλάζει την εικόνα των αντιπροσωπειών της, δίνοντας σε αυτές νέα εταιρική ταυτότητα, η οποία θα διακρίνεται από φωτεινά χρώματα. Όλο το δίκτυο διανομής της Γαλλικής εταιρίας θα αλλάξει την αρχιτεκτονική, την διαρρύθμιση, αλλά και τον τρόπο που θα προσελκύει τον πελάτη, με τις αντιπροσωπείες να μοιάζουν όπως βλέπεις στις φωτογραφίες.

Η κάθε αντιπροσωπεία θα χωρίζεται σε τέσσερα βασικά μέρη, με την έκθεση να είναι χωρισμένη σε τέσσερις θεματικές ενότητες (Headline Zone, Passion Zone, Z.E. Zone και Sport Zone). Επίσης θα υπάρχει ένας χώρος ώστε ο πελάτης να πίνει τον καφέ ή το ποτό του, αλλά και ένας χώρος configurator, εκεί όπου ο πελάτης θα μπορεί να δημιουργήσει όπως επιθυμεί το Renault του.

Η Renault θα ξεκινήσει να αλλάζει τις αντιπροσωπείες της μέσα στο έτος, αρχικά στην Αγγλία, εκεί όπου έως το τέλος του 2017, όλες οι αντιπροσωπείες της θα έχουν τη νέα εικόνα.

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  • Renault Store set to transform the Renault dealership experience
  • UK dealer network to receive new ‘Renault Store’ layout by end of 2017
  • Lookers Chester is first Renault dealer to receive the upgrade

Renault is transforming the way that customers experience their UK dealership network through the comprehensive roll-out of a new visual space identity concept called Renault Store. The changes will be implemented at all UK dealer sites by the end of 2017 and reflect changes in the way that consumers research their vehicle purchase and their expectations of a retail environment. The updated Renault Store showrooms will cater for this with more engaging displays, improved customer flows and interactive discovery zones.

Four key steps define the new Renault Store dealership experience – welcoming the customer, introducing the brand, displaying the range and exploring the products.

Welcoming the customer

A welcome desk and signage forms an instant focal point for the customer upon entering the dealership, at which they will be greeted by a host or hostess and pointed in the right direction for their visit – be that sales, or after-sales.

Introducing the brand

Renault’s character and heritage will be thrust into the spotlight with the addition of the Brand Wall. A prominent yellow border will surround a large screen, on which informative and engaging content will be shown. Depending on showroom size, miniature model display cases will be available, demonstrating the progression of the Renault product line-up throughout its vibrant history.

Displaying the range

The showroom will be divided up into themed zones, displaying the Renault range to showroom visitors as clearly as possible. The ‘Headline Zone’ will show the newest model, the ‘Passion Zone’ displays recent models in a setting that emphasises the brand image, the ‘Z.E. Zone’ displays Renault’s fully-electric range of vehicles and the ‘Sport Zone’ puts Renault’s expertise in motorsport in the spotlight and showcases the Renaultsport range. The combination of zones in a dealership is adaptable – so will be tailored to each individual dealership’s needs and size.

Exploring the products

Two new facilities, the Brand Bar and the Configurator, will allow the customer to get to know the products in more detail than ever before and customise their new Renault or Dacia effortlessly. The Brand Bar creates an area where visitors can sit, and using the tablets provided, browse the ranges of models and view the latest pricing and offers. The Configurator takes vehicle customisation to the next level, with a large interactive display allowing customers, with or without guidance from a sales executive, to explore available vehicle options and customise a vehicle to the specification of their choosing.

A complete roll-out strategy is in place to ensure that all Renault Group dealer network sites across the UK will have the Renault Store look and layout by the end of 2017. Many of the Renault Retail Group sites, and a selection of initial partner dealerships, have begun the transformation process already, with over half of the network expecting to be converted by the end of 2015.

Lookers Chester became the first dealership in the UK to receive the Renault Store layout, kicking off what promises to be an exciting time for Renault and Dacia dealers and customers. Lookers has been part of the Renault dealer network since the 1980’s, with the dealership group building up a portfolio of six Renault Group sites across the UK, making it well-placed to begin the Renault Store transition.

Commenting on the transformation of Lookers Chester, David Cooper, Lookers General Manager, said: “At Lookers Chester we feel privileged to become the first Renault Store and are absolutely delighted to be chosen to begin the transition for the Renault dealer network. The Renault Store concept has made our dealership more informative and given us all the tools to help customers to make the right choice when buying their new Renault or Dacia.

“We’ve already noticed an improvement in sales, in both conquest and loyalty business, as well as overall customer satisfaction. This is a really strong period for Renault and Dacia, so the new showroom environment comes at a great time. We look forward to continuing our positive relationship with Renault and converting the rest of the Lookers sites into Renault Stores in the near future,” added Cooper.

Darren Payne, Sales Director, Renault UK commented: “As part of our GO5+ strategy the Renault and Dacia volumes continue to grow at a faster pace than the UK market, so it’s essential that our brand image keeps pace. Reflecting this we are rapidly deploying Renault Store across our dealer network in order to maintain the positive momentum we currently have.

“We chose the Lookers’ Chester site to begin the extensive Renault Store roll-out due to a long and successful relationship we have enjoyed with them, and our plan is to complete the Renault Store format across 60 per cent of the Renault dealer network by the end of 2015,” added Payne.

The introduction of the new dealership identity comes during a strong period of growth for Renault Group. 2014 saw 108,440 sales in the UK across the Renault Group, with Renault car sales rising by 43.7 per cent to 66,334 vehicles, Renault van sales increasing by 39.3 per cent to 18,244 vehicles, and Dacia sales up 39.2 per cent to 23,862 vehicles.