Ο Ρωσικός βελτιωτικός οίκος Redline Engineering μετατρέπει την Mercedes V-Class σε πολυτελές βανάκι. Οι Ρώσοι έχουν τοποθετήσει δύο ανεξάρτητα δερμάτινα πίσω καθίσματα, υποπόδια κεντρική κονσόλα, ξύλινες και δερμάτινες επενδύσεις, μεγάλη γυάλινη οροφή και κουρτίνες στα παράθυρα.

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Tuning studio REDLINE Engineering submitted a new draft Mercedes V-Class 2015. Owner of the Mercedes V-Class briefly expressed his wishes – the machine to work away from the office:

strictly, high quality, maximum space. Determined with the complete set, color palette. To work! In 90% of cases in the Mercedes V-Class we installed a specially designed thin graceful septum with sliding window. Partition allows you to use staffing car seat, keeping the possibility of transformation. Armchairs Mercedes-Benz CL W216 installed on a special mechanism that dampens vibrations suspension and creates additional comfort that is available only executive cars. Management of electrical and electronic devices occurs with the console mounted between the seats. For convenience, the main passenger seat with an electric step and ottoman.

Safe and automated compartment for documents help you organize your workspace.

* Ability to install staffing seats on the rear guides

* Audio HI-FI-class (on the components of Alpine, DLS, Herts, Moskoni)

* The second (optional) rechargeable battery

* Fabric curtains, dual-layer, with pleats in the passenger compartment

* Noise Isolation salon «VIP» level.

* Made handles on the racks for the convenience of getting up from the chair

* Additional buttons on the racks to open the sliding door (2 pieces)

* The hook-hanger made in the luggage compartment

* The passenger cabin is trimmed in genuine leather and Alcantara

* Some parts of partitions, armrests, handles and console decorated with natural veneer