H Renault ανακοίνωσε την συλλεκτική έκδοση Twingo RS Red Bull Racing RB7, έτσι ώστε να γιορτάσουν έτσι τον παγκόσμιο τίτλο κατασκευαστών που πήρε το 2011 η Red Bull Racing στη Formula 1. Φορά το Cup chassis, μαύρες Gana ζάντες 17″, το σύστημα τηλεμετρίας R.S. καθώς και αυτοκόλλητα στην οροφή.

Το αυτοκίνητο θα είναι διαθέσιμο μόνο σε 10 χώρες (Γερμανία, Αυστρία, Γαλλία, Βέλγιο/Λουξεμβούργο, Ιαπωνία, Ουγγαρία, Τσεχία, Σλοβακία, Πολωνία και Ελβετία και οι παραγγελίες θα ξεκινήσουν από τον Ιούνιο, με την Γαλλία να ξεκινούν από τον Σεπτέμβριο.

Μηχανικά φορά έναν ατμοσφαιρικό κινητήρα 1.600 κ.εκ. απόδοσης 133 ίππων με 160 Nm ροπής με μέση κατανάλωση 6.5 λίτρα/100 χλμ και 150 γρ/χλμ εκπομπές CO2. Το Cup Chassis χαμηλώνει το αυτοκίνητο κατά 4 mm και διαθέτει ανάρτηση 10% σκληρότερη. Φορά μεγάλα φρένα 280 mm μπροστά και 240 mm πίσω.

Στιλιστικά φορά νέο μπροστά προφυλακτήρα, πλαϊνά spoiler, αεροτομή και νέο πίσω προφυλακτήρα με διαχύτη. Είναι βαμμένο σε μαύρο περλέ χρώμα με κίτρινες λεπτομέρειες, και στο εσωτερικό υπάρχει μαύρες επενδύσεις με κίτρινες ραφές και μαύρα γυαλιστερά διακοσμητικά. Περισσότερες λεπτομέρειες, μπορείς να βρεις στο δελτίο τύπου που ακολουθεί.

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Renault Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7: a tribute to motorsport and sporty performance

After Clio R.S., a limited-edition version of Twingo R.S. – Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 – is now also available to celebrate the 2011 Formula 1 Constructors’ world title.

  • Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 combines driving pleasure with genuine sporty performance: Cup chassis, black 17-inch Gana wheels, R.S. Monitor (on-board telemetry system), Renault Sport chequered-pattern roof decal,
  • This limited edition version is available in more than 10 markets: Germany, Austria, France, Belgium/Luxemburg, Japan, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Switzerland,
  • Order books open at the beginning of June 2012 (in France beginning of September).

“Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 is a pocket rocket packed with performance-enhancing features developed by Renault Sport Technologies. Its great looks are the fruit of Renault Sport F1’s association with Red Bull Racing,” notes Olivier Tschanhenz, Twingo Renault Sport Product Manager.

A sporty model with the accent on performance

Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 benefits from Renault Sport’s extensive experience of motor racing, rallying and road cars:

– Its feisty 1.6 16V engine delivers 133 horsepower (98kW) at 6,750rpm and peak torque of 160Nm at 4,400rpm, yet its CO2 emissions and combined-cycle fuel consumption are a reasonable 150g/km and 6.5 litres/100km respectively,

– The ‘Cup’ chassis, which lowers the car’s ride-height by 4mm compared to the ‘Sport’ chassis and enhances performance by minimising weight transfer, targets customers seeking even greater enjoyment behind the wheel. The dampers and springs have been stiffened by 10 percent to improve the control of body roll.

– The optional R.S. Monitor is a fun, practical system which takes its inspiration from the telemetry systems seen in motorsport. The data it displays assists drivers when they indulge in sporty driving.

Stunning exterior and interior looks

Twingo R.S. Red Bull Racing RB7 features the design cues of Renault Sport’s other sporty models, including forceful front-end styling and a large, vertically-mounted logo set to a black background which illustrates the brand’s new visual identity. The front bumper incorporates a Formula 1-style blade which takes its inspiration from Formula 1; while the sporty feel of the rear end is accentuated by the bigger wheel arches, lip spoiler and diffuser. In addition to these features which are specific to the R.S. version of Twingo, the Pearlescent Black body colour contrasts with several details picked out in Sirius Yellow (F1-style blade, door mirror housings, lip spoiler) to highlight the sporty calling of the Red Bull Racing RB7 limited-edition version. Its appeal is further enhanced by the Renault Sport chequered-pattern roof decal and door decals in the colours of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team.

Like Twingo R.S., the interior features yellow stitching for the steering wheel, seats and dash cowling, plus gloss black inserts for the dashboard and audio console. Gloss black has also been used for the rev-counter housing and side air vents. The new First audio system and R.S. Monitor are standard fitments.

The exclusivity of this limited edition version is reinforced by a numbered “FIA 2011 World Champion” plaque and a Renault Sport logo inlay for the gear lever knob.

Like its Clio R.S. counterpart, the limited edition Red Bull Racing RB7 version of Twingo R.S. showcases the transfer of skills that operates between Renault’s expertise in Formula 1 (Renault provides power for Red Bull Racing, Lotus F1 Team, Caterham F1 Team and Williams F1 Team in the 2012 championship) and the brand’s road cars. A similar limited-edition version of Mégane R.S. will also be available soon.

Twingo R.S. – background information

Since its launch in the second half of 2008, Twingo R.S. has been manufactured in Novo mesto, Slovenia, and is today marketed on three continents, namely Europe, Asia and Africa. Developed by Renault Sport Technologies, Twingo R.S. stands out as a benchmark in the hot hatch segment. Again since its launch, it has been one of Europe’s three best-selling High Performance A-segment cars, with a segment share of almost 50 per cent in France. To date, more than 12,000 Twingo R.S.s have been manufactured and sold in some 20 countries. Evolutions introduced since its launch include the arrival of a new version featuring a sporty take on Renault’s new visual identity in February 2012. The range was also expanded with the addition of Gordini R.S. versions in February 2010 and spring 2012 to add a chic, switched-on touch to the Twingo R.S. line-up.