Chevrolet Camaro SS by SchwabenFolia (5)

Η SchwabenFolia έπιασε στα χέρια της μια Chevrolet Camaro SS την οποία εξωτερικά την έχει ντύσει με μπλε αυτοκόλλητο βινύλιου με μαύρες λεπτομέρειες, ενώ τις τοποθέτησε ζάντες 20″ αλλά και KW αναρτήσεις. Μηχανικά τοποθέτησε στον V8 6,2-λίτρων κινητήρα τον SLP TVS2300 κομπρέσορα κάνοντας την να αποδίδει 525 άλογα από 405 που παράγει από το εργοστάσιο.

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How unbroken the interest in the legendary pony cars is, proves the fact that it is currently seriously considered to give these very special automobile type, which fascinates since the mid-1960s, a renaissance. So let us be surprised.

A well-known representative of this vehicle type was and is the Chevrolet Camaro. The in fact offered only in the U.S. top model goes by the name Camaro SS (for Super Sport) and it is built by SLP, a tuner and refiner, who can be compared to the M-GmbH (BMW) or AMG (Mercedes-Benz).

Such a Chevrolet Camaro SS was treated with a revitalizing spa by the company SchwabenFolia, which is known for car wrapping and car styling far behind the borders of Korntal. First the performance of the V8-blowing engine with 6162 cc capacity was catapulted from 405 series hp (or 298 kW) by means of a compressor TVS2300 Magnuson to 525 hp (386 kW ). For the optimization of the driving dynamics a coilover suspension of the variant 1 by KW is installed. Of course the SchwabenFolia-Camaro 2SS/RS has also the spectacular opening LSD doors. The whole thing is rolling on 20 inch wheels with five spokes and adequate striking 245 and 275 tires.

Let us come to the highlight, the specialty of SchwabenFolia: the perfect in every detail foliation as the unlimited i-point of every presentation. In the present case the originally black Chevy turned after the wrapping in Korntal-Münchingen into a very real dream in a mat shade called Anodized Blue. The roof, the mirrors, the hood and the rear spoiler are laminated for contrast in Black Brushed Steel. The side pinstripes, which mark the waistline, are white and also mat.

Gladly to be done duty in this context: SchwabenFolia has quite rightly received the first „PWF-Award“ for this Camaro with the best PWF foil by Bruxsafol on the most beautiful car, where PWF is well known as Platinum Wrapping Film.