Bob Winger, Wayne Gerdes, Philip Robertson

Η Volkswagen κατάφερε τελικά να κάνει νέο ρεκόρ γκίνες αυτονομίας με ένα Passat TDI (US-Spec). Οι δύο οδηγοί του, Wayne Gerdes και Bob Winger, κάλυψαν απόσταση13.071 χλμ μέσα σε δύο εβδομάδες, περνώντας και από τις 48 πολιτείες των Η.Π.Α, έχοντας μέση κατανάλωση 3,02 λίτρα/100 χλμ, σπάζοντας το προηγούμενο ρεκόρ, των 3,4 λίτρων/100 χλμ.

Το Passat TDI φορά έναν 2,0-λιτρο TDI κινητήρα απόδοσης 140 ίππων με 320 Nm ροπής που συνδυάζεται με ένα μηχανικό κιβώτιο ταχυτήτων 6 σχέσεων. Επίσημα, η Volkswagen του δίνει μέση κατανάλωση 5,5 λίτρα/100 χλμ.

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Volkswagen Passat TDI sets Guinness World Record for fuel economy around the 48 U.S. States

78 Miles per Gallon or 3.02 liters per 100 km

Wolfsburg / Herndon, 24 June 2013 – A classic among record drives for fuel economy is conquering all US-States without Alaska and Hawaii in one piece. A Volkswagen Passat TDI, produced at the Volkswagen Chattanooga (Tennessee) plant, now has covered the distance of 8,122 miles or 13,071 kilometers with record low fuel consumption and within 16 days. The record drive was witnessed by officials of the Guinness World Record Organization.

The driver team, blogger Wayne Gerdes and engineer Bob Winger, achieved a fuel consumption of only 3.02 liter on 100 Kilometers, which means a range of 78 miles per gallon. “We felt we had a good chance of beating the existing record with a series production Passat TDI,” Gerdes said, “but to smash it by averaging 77.99 mpg is really impressive and a testament to the potential of Volkswagen’s TDI vehicles. It shows how much the fuel consumption depends on the driver.” The previous world record was set at 67,9 miles per gallon.

Volkswagen’s advanced turbocharged and direct-injection TDI engine offers an official highway fuel economy of 43 miles per gallon (EPA) when equipped with the six-speed manual transmission (5.5 Liter per 100 km).