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Η νέα δημιουργία του A. Kahn Design είναι αυτό το λευκό Ford Focus RS. Το ονόμασε Ford Focus RS 2.5 RS250 και φορά νέο bodykit αποτελεούμενο από νέα γρίλια, μπροστά splitter, μεγάλη αεροτομή ενώ δεν θα μπορούσαν να απουσιάζουν και οι 19″ ζάντες της Cosworth. Στο εσωτερικό τα Recaro καθίσματα έχουν επενδυθεί με μπλε/μαύρο δέρμα και alcantara.

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Ford Focus RS 2.5 RS250 by A. Kahn Design

When the Ford Focus was launched in 1998, it became the class leader instantly and, since then rivals have come and gone with varying degrees of anonymity and success.

This time around, the most easily recommendable medium-sized family car follows A. Kahn Design’s unyielding British blueprint.

Covered in voluptuous Diamond White couture – the Ford Focus RS250 exerts a pull on the most discerning of individuals.

Upper lower and front grilles in satin black, Cosworth wheels (8.5 x 19) in anthracite, rear wing spoiler bonnet vents and side trims in satin black ensures a perfect synthesis of luxury and design.

Inside is the bespoke touch: an exclusive Recaro Interior in blue leather with grey Alcantara is further accented by stitching throughout.

As expected, the Ford Focus RS250 can be ordered in every imaginable colour. If you, for example, want a car with a full colour change (of your choice) and an interior akin to, let’s say your favourite leather reclining chair in your living room, we will be more than happy to oblige.

Furthermore, the 56 RS number plate certainly does not look out of place. It is one of many cherished number plates that sit proudly alongside 1 80, 4 HRH and the world famous F1 number plate. To view the entire collection, please click here: http://www.kahndesign.com/registrations/registrations.php

A. Kahn Design is for the individual who will not submit to a life of uniformity and who will only accept perfection. Dedicated to the creation of luxury bespoke vehicles, we redesign the ordered monotony of mass produced vehicles and rebuild them into individually tailored creations.

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