Cadillac Escalade Interior by Carisma (1)

 Η Carisma Auto Design μετά τα εσωτερικά του Land Rover Defender και του Mercedes Viano ασχολήθηκε και με αυτό μιας Cadillac Escalade. Το αυτοκίνητο είναι ειδική παραγγελία για έναν άνδρα από τη Μέση Ανατολή, ο οποίος το έχει θωρακίσει με B4 θωράκιση.

O βελτιωτικός οίκος έχει επενδύσει όλο το εσωτερικό με λευκό δέρμα, δύο αναπαυτικά μεγάλα καθίσματα-πολυθρόνες για τους πίσω επιβάτες και δύο ανακλινόμενα καθίσματα. Επίσης συναντάμε ψυγείο, σαμπανιέρα, ποτηροθήκες, υπολογιστή και άλλα πολλά.

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Carisma Gives Cadillac Escalade an Automotive First Class Treatment

What do you get when you cross an American SUV with a luxury limousine? The answer is Carisma Auto Design’s latest and its biggest conversion, to date – in every sense of the word!

The luxury vehicles specialist has just put the finishing touches to a bespoke conversion of one of the largest SUVs on the planet – the Cadillac Escalade.

Like many of its bespoke conversions, Carisma Auto Design was approached personally to deliver this Escalade project for a private client, who already owned the vehicle.

Having been given the Carisma treatment, this iconic American truck now also boasts some of the finest English craftsmanship and materials, which have revolutionised its interior, without any clue from the outside to its secret. Details include:

  • Completely redesigned custom interior, in medium tan Connolly leather, with real wood veneer insets
  • Two full sized armchairs – forward facing, with electronic tilt and lumbar support controls
  • Drinks cabinet with lead crystal glassware
  • Refrigerator
  • Dimmable mood lighting
  • Complete, on-board HD AV system and PC with Windows 8 software.

Although unseen, the ‘Carisma Escalade’ is also fully armoured, to B4 level, which is another service that the firm can provide to its customers.

From start to finish, the bespoke conversion required 75 square metres of leather, 1 km of wiring, 600 electrical connections and involved 700 hours of labour.

Clive Drake, Sales Director, Carisma Auto Design, said: “This has been our biggest project to date and is a great example of the range of elements we can offer in a conversion – from state-of-the-art technology, to the finest handcrafted wood and leather. No two Carisma vehicles are the same and are limited only by the customer’s imagination.” 

Exclusive luxury

The specification and design of each Carisma Auto Design conversion is totally unique and no-compromise, meeting individual customer demands.

For example, the leather used in Carisma vehicles is carefully sourced from environments where barbed wire is illegal, to ensure no damage is caused to the cow’s hide and is complemented by a choice of real wood veneers, hand-built and fitted to the vehicle by a team of some of the best English craftspeople.

Alongside its luxurious leather and deep-pile carpeting, a Carisma conversion can include on-board Window or Apple operating systems, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Bang & Olufsen audio and visual equipment.

Clive Drake said: “Many of our clients are high-profile heads-of-state, celebrities or important business people, it is therefore not always possible for them to travel around in a conspicuous luxury limousine. However, they still want the luxury and comfort that is provided by such a vehicle and this is where Carisma comes in.

“Satisfying special and unusual requests is a key part of our specialist skills and service. Clients come to us because they know that we can achieve the impossible and deliver a vehicle to them that exceed their expectations.”

Amongst some of the recent requests have been solid crystal ash trays and champagne flutes, integrated premium pen sets with tailored housing, customised seat embroidery, 42” televisions and refrigeration units. All these and much, much, more have all been tastefully hand crafted into vehicles over Carisma Auto Design’s 14 year history.